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 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Gentlemen and sirs, a Happy Thanksgiving to you

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2020 2:04 pm 

Replies: 3
Views: 57

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellows and their families!

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Just a reminder!

 Post subject: Just a reminder!
Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:11 am 

Replies: 2
Views: 109

I know this club is usually just used for Civil War Battles. But I wanted to put out this reminder, that there is a "Opponent Finder - Non sanctioned Club wargames" at the bottom of the "Opponent Finder". For you new members and old, this is where you can find other battles for y...

 Forum: Opponent Finder - Non sanctioned Club wargames   Topic: scheldt

 Post subject: Re: scheldt
Posted: Mon Nov 23, 2020 10:48 am 

Replies: 2
Views: 108

Ernie, I wouldn't mind playing any scenario you want to try. You can put the rules you want. The only issue I have is I may only be able to get a turn or two a week back to you or whenever I have time. I have a bad habit of wanting to get back turns as soon as I get them, so I need to slow down. Som...

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Step Up to the Bar -- 2 Newly Minted Union LT's are Buying!

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 6:11 pm 

Replies: 8
Views: 716

Congratulations Lieutenants August Hu and Steve Archer, on your graduation from the UMA! HUZZAH For the Union! And God Bless President Lincoln!

 Forum: JTS/HPS Campaign Antietam   Topic: Antietam historical 031 Turns 40

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 1:43 pm 

Replies: 3
Views: 424

Lynn. I read all the previous posts. But also keep in mind, that if a bridge is damaged, it won't allow you across. So you must repair it first. Just an "FYI"

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: John Dragan

 Post subject: Re: John Dragan
Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 11:25 am 

Replies: 29
Views: 2420

My thoughts are with you and your family in this time of loss........ "When those you love die, the best you can do is honor their spirit for as long as you live. You make a commitment that you're going to take whatever lesson that person or animal was trying to teach you, and you make it true ...

 Forum: Great War Movies and series   Topic: Top 3 War Movies!

 Post subject: Re: Top 3 War Movies!
Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 12:19 pm 

Replies: 11
Views: 2880

Garsh Darnnit! To Many to mention!

The Pacific (2010)
The Blue Max (1966)
Battleground (1949)

Etc., etc., etc.................................

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Returning CSA Member from the Class of 1997

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 12:10 pm 

Replies: 5
Views: 516

mihalik wrote:
Did I even have internet in '97?

Mike Mihalik


 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Federal artillery in action!

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2020 9:15 pm 

Replies: 6
Views: 633

Private Howard on the barrel needs to report to the Quartermaster and be re-issued uniforms! Obviously, he has been spending to much time loitering out by the mess tent and appears to need some training on force marches.

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Corinth and Vicksburg opinions

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 11:04 am 

Replies: 4
Views: 819

I have Vicksburg and Corinth. I have not played much on Corinth yet, but Vicksburg I love. Not only that but the current Tournament is being played on it. But don't take my word for it. I am biased as it is my favorite campaign and I have been to the field two times. I would recommend it though!

 Forum: JTS General Comments and Questions   Topic: Skirmishers?

 Post subject: Skirmishers?
Posted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 9:10 pm 

Replies: 4
Views: 1083

Question about Skirmishers: I was in a maneuver and I wanted to find a little more on skirmishers so I went to the user manual and I found this comment "This line of Skirmishers will provide it with additional information and protection during battle, although it will slow the unit down in mane...

 Forum: JTS General Comments and Questions   Topic: Meleeing in Column

 Post subject: Meleeing in Column
Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:30 am 

Replies: 2
Views: 644

Gentlemen: I was sitting here drinking my sarsaparilla the other day and a young officer asked a question of me, he said: Is it better to melee in column, as this is how his grandfather attacked in the Napoleonic Wars? I had no answer other than the fact that when in column you aren't prepared to fi...

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: Drinks are on Gen Drummond

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:51 am 

Replies: 2
Views: 1275

Gen. Miller Sir: You are to kind! I will be a gentlemen and buy you a drink for the road! And I won't call the Provost Marshall on you, this time. I think I saw a wanted poster of you somewhere. Oh! I remember now! I saw that poster in Columbia of you before the war started! BARKEEP! Get this ruffia...

 Forum: Mason Dixon Tavern   Topic: How to get rid of yankees when they move into your town

Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2020 12:39 pm 

Replies: 2
Views: 641

I lived in Louisiana in my youth and had a great time. I met many a good southern man and woman in those days and we had a great time. Very hospitable folks. I watched a John Wayne movie once called "The Horse Soldiers", where I believe he played a resemblance of Col. Benjamin Grierson, wh...

 Forum: John Tiller and HPS Campaign Games --   Topic: Yank for Battle of 1st Bull Run - CLOSED

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 12:52 pm 

Replies: 1
Views: 698

PM Sent Sir
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