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Checking pulses
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Author:  Ernie Sands [ Wed May 03, 2017 5:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Checking pulses


Author:  D. Hampel [ Thu May 04, 2017 7:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

Hi Ernie,

Here and kicking!

Author:  David Danner [ Thu May 04, 2017 2:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

61 BPM.

Author:  C. Hecht [ Thu May 04, 2017 4:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses


Author:  Joe Meyer [ Thu May 04, 2017 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

I have been restricted to my tent this past month by the surgeons due to overindulgence at all of those CSA celebrations! The newspapers are pillorying me as a drunken sluggard, yet they completely miss the point that I have been trying to make to the Washington authorities. Until we can at least equal the drinking capacity of the Southern generals, we cannot hope to defeat them in the field! :P

Author:  cameronm [ Thu May 04, 2017 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

Fit as a very fit thing, just completed the CSA Officers Advanced Drinking Tactics course, came second in class after Gen Dragan. The chances of the Union ever defeating us at the bar is exceedingly slim.

Author:  dukemat [ Fri May 05, 2017 5:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

this club is dead..........or near dead

Author:  Ernie Sands [ Fri May 05, 2017 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

I think it far from that. There are still games being played. The forums seem a little slow, but there is some action from time to time. The games are continuing to be updated and improved and there are still games on the horizon, hopefully.

Author:  C. Hecht [ Fri May 05, 2017 11:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

Indeed. Activity comes and activity goes.
One of my officers is going to play again after more than 4 years of not doing a single game.
I'm sure we see more general activity once Petersburg is out.

Author:  dukemat [ Sat May 06, 2017 6:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

oh.....the games will go on.

But activity is not really like it used to be...........not even close.

even in my short tenure I can remember some really great contributors.

where the hell are those guys?

Author:  dukemat [ Sat May 06, 2017 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

I think more interest would happen if Mr. Tiller updated the games.

Members have suggested an engine update, but that has fallen on deaf ears.

If it were not for the free improvements from I might have moved on from these games.

Author:  D. Hampel [ Sat May 06, 2017 8:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

Lt. Gen. C. N. Matthews,

I would have to agree with you somewhat. There is a concern of thinning in the ranks and very little development support. The sad part is that each release is the same old format with no major improvements (same old dry cracker).

I personally would like to see an upgrade on the ammo level. Ammo per unit in the OOB file and that artillery has it's own supply wagons (Limber). This would be a simple upgrade that would add a lot more realism to the supply level. That is one simple thing I would love to see......and I would offer JTS assistance to update the old OOB files (pretty handy with data updating and processing).

In reality, the whole series could be added to one program with all the maps, .pdt, .scn, and .oob files. The game engine is basically the same. I've still been working on my Grand Scenario version with a custom map of the whole war and played on a division level (with custom graphics). I believe the game needs some polishing and some creative solutions to keep it going. Without that it will slowly dry on the vine. I've been asked by JTS software to not proceed with any custom map creations as to not interfere with possible new releases. In all honesty, I'm not willing to pay $49.00 for a remake with a couple small changes. The game needs some overhauling and with assistance of the Club to JTS.

When the game has something new and exciting, more people will come. As the games begin to become stale, more people will continue to bail ship.

Author:  Berto [ Sat May 06, 2017 8:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

I have been authorized to share with members of the ACWGC this exclusive FYEO:

Much like Wargame Design Studio (WDS) has assumed control over future Panzer Battles development -- see -- henceforth WDS will be guiding future development of the JTS Civil War Battles series.

WDS will be making a more formal announcement about this soon.

Some of the recent updates to Panzer Battles will be applied to the CWB games, and after that so much more.

I have been in possession of the CWB code for several weeks now, have successfully rebuilt all game EXEs (on a new Win10 system using a much more up-to-date version of Microsoft Visual Studio, VS2015), and am embarking on the second round of updates.

I would divulge more, and show you some screenshots, but then they would shoot me. :shock:

So don't despair, fellow ACWGC members. Things are soon to change for the better.


Author:  D. Hampel [ Sat May 06, 2017 9:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

Thanks Berto for the update! Even if they shoot you it's an old musket and will likely just be a flesh wound. No worries! ;) We can always put this cat back in the bag once we're done discussing it...right?!

That is good news. I would be willing to assist your team with data (OOB) or file updates if needed. Like I said, I would LOVE to see the ammo update by unit and that Limbers are added to supply the artillery units. That would be my first BIG wish. I'm here to support that development or older file updates to accommodate the change.

Author:  Berto [ Sat May 06, 2017 9:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Checking pulses

I can't speak to the issue of volunteers, or of the need for additional members of the ACW Dev Team, much less of specific wish list items or of the direction of future development. But thanks for the offer of help!

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