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 Post subject: Re: North Anna var. 5 - Overland Game Analysis
PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2017 2:15 pm 
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Not to say that and other things will never happen. But we have other commitments, limited time, and the need to prioritize. First things first. Then we get to the good stuff.

Civil War Battles Lead Programmer,
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 Post subject: Re: North Anna var. 5 - Overland Game Analysis
PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:13 pm 

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KWhitehead wrote:
Colonel Peters,

You don't mention whether you are referring to the full Campaign or one of the scenarios.

A number of scenarios have problems. Which side depends on the scenario. This is natural because most of these battles were decided by the maneuvering that took place before the engagement.

However, in the full Campaign there is no way the Rebel can win. Doesn't really matter on the entrenchments because a reasonably good Union player will never attack an entrenched line. The map is large enough to go around. Which is how Grant broke every entrench line after he killed a lot of his soldiers trying to take the entrenchments.

I can't say that for certain because I have never had a campaign last more then 3 to 7 days. The Union can easily wipe out the ANV in that time unless it starts retreating on the first day and doesn't stop until it gets to Richmond. It might be possible for the ANV to make an entrenched line strong enough around Richmond to stop the Union but I have never seen it tried so don't know.

Also, I believe you can edit the factors used for entrenchments in the pdt file if you want to change them back or use something different. You just have to find an opponent willing to use the altered values.

Hi Kennon,

305-640523_N.Anna_A5.scn is the file name
[H] North Anna, May 23rd, 1864 [No AI] is the title.

Its 70 turns long.

Yup, I just took one look at Don's trench lines and started heading to the south on the east side of the river.

Don corrected me on a lot of my comments. Said that they DID build entrenchments on the fly. I agree with what was said earlier. These cannot possibly be up to the same standards as the entrenchments of Petersburg and Richmond. I would rate them x2 of a breastwork and go from there.

I love the series and hope that no one reads me as angry or mad. I love to tweak scenarios too. Yup, if I dont like it I can tweak it as now the series is wide open including the OB files.

FYI: Don Vandergriff is a former member of the ACWGC and playtester for the game. He is now playtesting a game with me and I love emailing with him. Military officer and just a great guy to talk all things military with.

Colonel Bill Peters
5th Brig, 2nd Div
I Corps, AoP, USA

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