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How To Save Old Game Versions During Upgrades
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Author:  Joe Meyer [ Sun Jun 16, 2019 4:30 pm ]
Post subject:  How To Save Old Game Versions During Upgrades

If you want or need to save old game versions while you upgrade this is a simple way to do it.

Make a full copy of the existing game version in your normal folder location. It will stand in your folder as "Copy of XXXXX"). Then conduct your upgrade to the uncopied version. After completing the upgrade, go back and re-label the copied game set as the version it is, "XXXX Version X.X. You can also relabel the old battle and campaign exe file shortcuts to distinguish them from the new.

Why go to the trouble? Maybe others in the club don't prefer the upgrade, haven't upgraded or can't, or you're an Instructor at one of the academies and the cadet has only an older version and cannot upgrade.

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