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Author:  Ross McDaniel [ Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:14 am ]
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"Those people need to be suppressed!" - Robert E Lee

General Hodgkiss, suh!

I believe that you people qualify.

If you think that you want a real contest with veteran and competent rebels, all generals, we are a 3-man team currently in a 3 day Battle of Gettysburg against a Yankee team of 4 where we are kicking their butts at the start of the second day. A modification of HPS 007 is our favorite scenario and the basis for this challenge.

We could probably oblige your guys also with an a** kicking, as it takes little time to perform our roles with this many players and about 2X/weekly file turnarounds. My team usually manages file returns within 24 hours.
We also use delayed communications unless HQ units are in the same hex.

There are 158 turns in our present game, and we are at turn 54, so there are months to go, unless our opponents they should. But they probably believe that II, V, and VI Corps will rescue their predicament. They will only prolong it.

If your dance card is full, that's fine. We will take a rain check and maybe give it a go in a couple of months.
Meanwhile, you and team may want to check HPS 007 and see whether this scenario interests you. I especially like the large map.
If so, I shall send you details of the modifications. They make a good three day battle for both teams with more possibilities which the original did not have.

You can send your rider to:

BG Ross McDaniel
2nd Bde, 3rd Div, III Corps, AoG

"When they hear where we are, they will make forced marches to interpose their forces between us and Baltimore and Philadelphia. They will come up, probably through Frederick, broken down with hunger and hard marching, strung out on a long line and much demoralized. When they come into Pennsylvania, I shall throw an overwhelming force on their advance, crush it, follow up the success, drive one corps back on another, and by successive repulses and surprises, before they can concentrate, create a panic and virtually destroy the army."
-Robert E Lee explaining his plans to BG Isaac Trimble, while 20 miles from Gettysburg

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