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Cain at Gettysburg by Peters
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Author:  KWhitehead [ Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Cain at Gettysburg by Peters

I usually don't get into historic novels but Shaara's books were pretty good and even Newt's weren't bad. Since Armchair General compared Peters book to Shaara's I got it. Peters' isn't of the same caliber as Shaara's books. It's only redeeming feature in my opinion was its handling of Meade. When he is telling the story from Gen. Meade's point of view I think he does a good job and provides a perspective that other writers Historic and Novel have ignored. He generally handled the Union officers better than the Confederate. When he moves to the Confederate view point the reader wonders how they ever won a battle. The other dislike I had was his choice of men in the ranks to present their view of the battle. Most were people you would really dislike if you met them. A few were little more than cut throats and murders.

I am somewhat prejudice of his writing because he joins Shaara in trying to represent Longstreet as this military genius who forsees WW I and Lee as some kind of hot head who only attacks. If you believe this then you will probably like the book better than I do. I believe Longstreet was dragging his feet and throwing a hissy fit because after Jackson's death he though he aught to be Lee's equal or at least second in command of the army.

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