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Upon the Alter of the Nation
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Author:  Blake [ Fri Jul 20, 2012 12:13 am ]
Post subject:  Upon the Alter of the Nation

Has anyone else read this? I am three chapters into it and I am trying to figure out what his point is.

Its called a "Moral History of the War." I assumed it would discuss how the war changed American lives and beliefs concerning the transformation of a "civil" war into "total" war. Maybe he will get there. But through three chapters I am just wondering if he will get going or not. So far it seems to be a thinly veiled attack on modern American foreign policy of rushing to war without considering the consequences of the actions of that. I dont think you can compare the Middle East situation to the American Civil War but, hey, what do I know. But in the last chapter he sounded genuinely aghast that Lincoln and others didnt put on the brakes in 1861 and first consider what kind of war it would be and what the consequences of calling for volunteers would be. To me thats just dumb. You expect Lincoln to contain the war fever of the north after Fort Sumter in order to contact the "rebellious" government in Montgomery and ask them to draw up rules? And then if the cost were determined to be too high... then what? Lincoln addresses the public that the south means to have a bloody revolution, if necessary, and so rather than see millions killed and wounded he has decided to let them go peacefully?

I am lost at this point and I just hope it gets better.

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