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Author:  Gary McClellan [ Fri Mar 11, 2005 5:52 am ]
Post subject:  Alternate Historical Musings...

I've been reading/thinking a great deal about 1812 the last couple of weeks, and a thought has struck me. It was very fortunate for the United States that it did not have more success in the war.

My thinking is thus... if the US had made major gains (perhaps by occupying Burlington Heights, cutting off the far west... or by taking Kingston cutting off all points west of there), the British would not have been willing to accept a peace while losing a great deal of territory (the avowed intention of the War Hawks). As it was, we were close to national collapse at the beginning of 1815, and the campaign season was shaping up to be an utter disaster. If the British had felt the need to "retake" the lost posessions,they would have pushed the war more aggressively, quite probably ending up with the US having net losses in territory (N Maine? The creation of the Indian Nation in the Old Northwest? )

You think I'm nuts?

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