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A complete list of links to Philippe's Napoleonic mods
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Author:  Philippe Divine [ Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A complete list of links to Philippe's Napoleonic mods

There's been a last minute update that needs explaining.

My mods for Leipzig, Bautzen, and 1814 now have 3D infantry figures carrying the same flags that appear in their unit boxes. This makes these mods visually consistent with the mods that use Ezjax and Ezjax-derived figures.

Cavalry units do not have flags, not because they didn't use them (they did), but because I thought that it would look kind of weird to see hexes with six horsemen and five flags.

I've also included a temporary fix in the Leipzig mod: in the Wartenburg scenario a Silesian grenadier was showing up with a Russian artillery sprite. I'm not sure when the next round of official patches to these games is going to be, but just in case there's prolongued delay, I thought it would be better to err on the side of caution. I mention this here so that people who are engaged in PBEM's on this scenario will be aware of a (slight and non-substantive) difference between their versions. I've simply changed the 2D and 3D sprite coding for the Silesian grenadier to use the same coding as all other Prussian grenadiers. Bill Peters will probably be along shortly to tell me that I picked the wrong numbers.

The month is less than half done and I've burned through two thirds of the bandwidth in my box account. To accomodate the fact that a lot of people may want to re-download Leipzig, 1814, and Bautzen now that they use 3D flags, the absolutely latest versions of the mod for these three games only are available on the first and second links (the box link and the dropbox link).
The third link is older (no flags and uses Ezjax trees).

On all the other games (Waterloo, Austerlitz, Jena, Eckmuhl, Wagram, NRC) the first link is the absolutely latest version, the second link gives the same thing minus the Volcano Man sound mod, the third link gives an older version of the mod.

If for some reason you can't click on one of the links, just copy and paste it into the command line at the top of your browser.

One last comment. I am satisfied (and quite happy) with the way the large size version of the 3D flags looks. But much less so with the half-size version, and don't rule out making another attempt at some point in the future. If you find the small 3D flags don't sit well visually, an alternative is to download from the third link and retrieve the half-size version of the infantry without flags. I thought about doing that but ruled against it because it was a bit too jarring and the small flags version didn't look all that bad.

As a final note, I had been putting off adding in the flags because I wanted the underlying unit images to stabilize. I think there are still one or at most two unit images that will eventually change in the official version, but given that I'm not sure when the next round of official updates will occur, there didn't seem to be any point in holding off any longer.

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