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Review for Campaign Marengo
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Review for Campaign Marengo

Veteran writer Jim Cobb had this to say about Campaign Marengo in Wargamer online magazine: ... n-marengo/

He liked the newer graphics and felt that the game was a good addition for gamers to purchase.

Losses do carry over. I actually tested this aspect of the campaign engine making sure it worked. Not sure which campaign Jim was playing. Could be that there was a long time gap in the scenarios so fatigue didn't carry over.

All in all a more favorable review than in the past because of the improvement in the graphics. Kudos to Joe Amoral and Mark Adams!

Jim commented that it would have been nice to have had a ragged looking French infantry image. Actually many of the forces in Italy would have had ragged looking uniforms by the end of Summer too. We do not see the lower part of any of the images thus I think he has visions of the ragged looking pants that the French infantry were wearing. It doesnt show up in the Units.bmp image.

I overlook many of the errors that are put in these reviews. I found out long ago that its useless fuming about any of it. Its a great title and the fact that its still getting played while many games have long since bit the dust is a testimony to the fact that folks still enjoy the products.

I am really enjoying the new 2D graphics too. I plan on adapting as much of the 2D terrain set as possible to the other games in the series. The fields in particular are much nicer. Woods and orchards also.

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