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Comments on the Marengo Battle Map
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Comments on the Marengo Battle Map

Ok - some of you might be saying: "If the objective of the Austrians was to cross the Scrivia River and head east then why doesn't the battle map extend to at least to Tortona and the Scrivia River bridge?"

Very simple answer: First, the French player would do something unhistorical: just retreat to the river, destroy the bridge, and the battle would be over. Second, Bonaparte did not believe that the Austrians were intent on attacking. He thought the morning attack was a feint or just a spoiling attack. Lastly, who wants to play a battle where all you do is chase your opponent to a bridge only to find it destroyed as you reach it?

There are large map scenarios of the situation from the campaign game which I copied into the main folder which allow you more "grand maneuvering." If you crave something with more room to maneuver try this:

1. Start up the Marengo campaign "front end" -> choose #6 The Marengo Campaign
2. Choose your filename for the game file you will be playing.
3. When you get to The Situation Dialog choose the side you will be playing. Click on "PBEM."
4. Down in the "Starting Situation" window pick "Battle of Marengo" - its the 5th item from the top.
5. Once you both make your decisions and the battle begins you can save the game as a battle file and use the password protected encryption at that point. To do this you choose "File -> Save As" in the Main Program menu options. Make sure that Encryption is enabled in your Settings menu. Now you can password protect the game file. Victory conditions are preset ... no campaign outcome will occur. Once the battle is over you will get one of the victory screens as usual in the "Main Program" stand alone battles.

Eventually I will put out a "Battle of Marengo" campaign file. Similar to the many "One Scenario" campaign files I have written (like Battle of Leipzig) the players will be presented with the same choices as the commanders.

For now, for those that want a "bigger map" experience this will have to suffice.

(now back to packing for my move .....)

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