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Why I Joined MOE V
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Wed May 24, 2017 6:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Why I Joined MOE V

To be honest in the past I have not had the best experiences with the club tournaments. Its not the person's fault that set up the tournament. So I usually pass on these tournaments ....

But I helped found the club and like to see it active. By stepping up and putting my head out there for the good players to lop off I feel that I am doing my part to keep the club alive.

Currently there are still a French officer or two that might need an opponent for MOE V. I am hoping that an Allied officer is reading this and will help out by tossing his name into the hat and join up. I would hate to see any club member not be able to participate because we didnt have enough participants.

Next year will be our 20th anniversary. I am hoping that we will do something special next year to mark our part in the wargaming club world. The NWC remains the oldest online Napoleonic computer gaming club. I am hoping that it will be around for another 20 years or more!

So "advance token" to the MOE V thread and sign up, guys! Or you can email John Corbin directly. I know he will be happy to see all of the players accommodated.

:frenchsalute: :thumbsup: :frenchhappy:

Thanks to all the make this club a success year after year! :eagle:

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