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 Post subject: Getting to Know RBR
PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:57 pm 

Joined: Wed May 23, 2001 10:18 am
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Guys - there are FOUR PDF files that will greatly aid you in getting to know the RBR game and its content. They are:

RBR_Guide-START HERE - this is something new I came up with that helps anyone that wants to know what the game offers.

RBR_Battles.pdf - a list of every historical battle in the game. Has a Table of Contents (TOC) with links to each battle and a back link back to the TOC. Invaluable if you want to check out the Jump Map view and get an idea of how the battle is laid out at the start.

RBR_Scenario-Campaign Lists.pdf - a list of every campaign and scenario in the game. I chose a large group of campaign scenarios to include in the main folder like I had done in Campaign Marengo.

RBR_Bonus-Items.pdf - a list of every Bonus document/chart in the game and its location.

The usual PDF files are included such as the Scenario Designer Notes (Notes.pdf), Turn Tracks, Weapons Effects Chart, Terrain Effects Chart and for this game I have included a new "Command Radius Chart" (RBR_CRC.pdf) which gives you the command ranges of all of the armies by year. You will note how the French command ranges are shorter than the Allies early on but increase as the years go by indicating an improvement in their command control system as the army got out of the early days of the French Revolution.

The usual "OB View" scenarios are included - open up the Scenario Editor or Main Program to view these. They are in the "OB_View" folder.

The Design folder has a new PDF called "Unit Listings for Republican Bayonets on the Rhine" (RBR-Units-OB.pdf) - this shows you each unit that is in the game by NATION/ARMY/CONTINGENT listed alphabetically. So if you want to know the values for units so you can build a new OB or just to get some idea of how they are rated or which uniform numbers they use - go here. :)

The Leader List PDF includes a pictorial view of all of the leader images. Special mention goes to Joe Amoral for taking a black and white image of GD Boudet and creating a color image for him. My plan was to have him do that with ALL of the B&W images but time was a factor and we just couldn't afford to to that length. Eventually I would love to see all color versions of the leaders. For now we live with some B&W images. We have come a long way since the days of Eckmuhl where all of the leaders were B&W. I really love how the ACW team has rendered all of their leaders (North and South) in a lovely color version.

And last but not least you MUST check out the Situation maps. All done in lovely color based on a background image of maps that Joe sent me based on source images that I had sent him. The 1799 Noord-Holland campaign background image was a period image I found on the web (not copyright material).

All in all .. a virtual feast for you eye candy lovers out there.

Joe Amoral improved the 3D ground tiles for the game. Someone has already brought up the point that the 2D graphics are still lacking and I hope we can upgrade some of that for the next game and then update the entire series but right now its just a request on my part. For now you will have to use Mods if you don't like what you get in the retail package.

I still have my artwork mod package - its posted on the NWC graphics page. Also up on Steve Trauth's site I believe. I plan on popping in my own mod today for my copy of the game and backup the retail artwork in case I have to use it again.


Bill Peters - Prussian civilian observer
Scenario Designer for John Tiller Software "Napoleonic Battles" and "Panzer Campigns" series games

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 Post subject: Re: Getting to Know RBR
PostPosted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 1:50 pm 
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A superb job Bill! Hats off to you and the folks who worked with you on the game, especially the members from here! Hats off to Joe too for colorizing GD Boudet. I love all the extras!

Generalfeldmarschall Scott Kronprinz "Vorwärts" Ludwig von Preußen
Kommandeur des Königlich-Preußischen Armee-Korps
Chief of Staff (CoS) of the Allied Coalition
Allied Coalition Webmaster & Club Website Support

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