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Mid June Update - CEF and New Location
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Thu Jun 14, 2018 1:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Mid June Update - CEF and New Location

So I am all moved in and back to work on CEF. The first week and a half was spent finalizing most of the campaign OBs. I will have to go back later and update leader names and leader image numbers once I build the leader name spreadsheet for the images.

I have completed the first scenarios for the first branch which is about crossing the Wkra River. I am using the wildcard variable (?) which allows me to use multiple scenario choices for one scenario filename. Thus 1_?.scn means that it could be named 1_1.scn, 1.2.scn etc. I built two scenarios and will move on to the next branch and then drop back and add in more as time allows. (note: I did this for the Operational Leipzig campaign file but never added in more than one choice per scenario name - one of these days I might have some time to update it)

I have updated my Support website to include new pictures showing where I live and the camper I live in. Click on the Support link at the bottom of my profile signature to see those.

I contacted a veterans aid association called and I should be hearing back on help with resume' and job openings soon.

I am pressing on with finishing up the campaign scenarios this month. I am hoping to do 3-4 branches worth of scenarios a day. I have one map I need to update and then I can work on all of the campaign battles that use the super large map that includes the areas of Heilsberg, Friedland, Eylau, Bartenstein, etc. Its the largest map in the game and will work nicely for operational level sized actions for the Spring or Winter.

As I mention in my support page I am going to start work on new projects with David Freer and the Wargame Design Studio. CEF will be my last Napoleonic game for JTS. I am looking forward to moving on to World War 2 projects. My role will be to finish off OB files and maps and PDT files of projects that were let go by the original designer and then build the scenarios once those are finished. I have some studying to do both on the topic and the series files. While I played the Panzer Campaigns series for many, many years I have only done limited scenario design with them and always using files that were in the games, except for a large scenario I designed for a "Post Bulge '44 Breakout" scenario I made using part of the France '40 map. It was called "Drive on Antwerp" and I did play it once with someone.

Unlike the Napoleonic work as of late I will not be at liberty to talk about the projects until they are released so its back to the days of less public info about the work I am doing. Nevertheless the games are good topics and I look forward to the new work.

So lots of work out there and I also am looking for a full time job too. Eventually I will be back to doing the games in the evenings and weekends again.

Author:  Bill Peters [ Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mid June Update - CEF and New Location

I finished the work on the Polish campaign file last night. So glad to have that part of the work done. Now I will spell check the file and then create shorter campaign files for just the Winter or Spring segments.

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