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Author:  Bill Peters [ Sat Sep 01, 2018 7:37 am ]
Post subject:  Allied Training Academy

Guys - I have been reading about some new members who dont get contacted by their officers. Also we need to reinstate the training games for new players that request them. That was the way we had it but its obvious that we really should have this in place.

If you need a "Trainer" let me know. I can play a training game and help get the new players up to speed.

Training games should not be mandatory BUT if a new member goes out there and embarrasses himself in a game .. PLEASE come back to get help.

For any member not getting contacted by your army HQ/brigade commanders. This NOT new is still is the biggest pet peeve I have with the online clubs. When I was a brigade commander in the Prussian army my guys heard from me at least ONCE a month. And it wasn't a bunch of red tape talk either like I get in another club. I got to know my guys.

Question for you guys that are commanders - do you know the professions/jobs of your subordinates? Do you know where they live? What is their fav. Nap. game in the series? You should. Just keep a running list once they join your command.

I will say this .. Bill Cann one of my playtesters is one of the more personable guys you will ever meet in this club. I am sure that Bill has gotten to know members of the Russian army on more than just a "Need help finding an opponent" level. In our playtest group whoever played Bill in a game knows what I am talking about. I remember how he and Andrew Moss got to know each other during the Campaign Leipzig games.

It doesnt take a lot of time to ask questions in an email. :)

Lets step it up a bit. Commanders - please contact your subordinates and get to know them better. I hate hearing what I heard in the Maneuvers Are No More thread ... that a member never hears from his commanders. Its still a problem.

(FYI - I hear from Scott Ludwig but never my commanding officer..... so its not just a French army or Anglo Army issue ... its club wide)

If the club needs for me to be a "Communications Officer" I can help out in that regard too :)

FYI - musters once in a while would not hurt either but I like how we do not do a monthly muster in this club. A Commanding Officer should be checking the database to see if their members are in games ...

Otherwise guys .. do away with the command level ranks ... when I took command of an army or a brigade it was always an honor ... I made sure I emailed the officers under my command.

Author:  Bill Peters [ Sat Sep 01, 2018 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Allied Training Academy

Please do not take my above commands as criticism. Just offering to help out. I dont do politics either. On the other hand we should communicate more in email to the new guys. New members are the new life of the club. Without them the club goes stagnant.

And has been stated before .. this club has a lot of games going. Like others I wish that more people would post on the forum. Cant force people to do that and as long as games are being played, new folks are being looked after and there is a certain level of communication that works for me.

As I have said before .. I think that the guys in charge are doing a good job. :thumbsup: I would just like to help out wherever I can.

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