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 Post subject: November Update
PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 4:53 pm 

Joined: Wed May 23, 2001 10:18 am
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Housing: I am all settled into my new home and despite one box not arriving from San Diego am enjoying my music collection and a few other things I brought with me from there. My bike helmet and pump and other bike stuff will come in handy and save me money too.

I have made great strides in the CEF game and can honestly say that we will have the game out by February or March. While January would be pushing things if Mark has the files to me by early in that month well then I should have it ready for later in January.

Mark Adams has Joe Amoral doing some artwork and Mark is finishing up with corrections to the Units.bmp images. The 3D artwork is just about done ... last I had heard the artillery was all that was left Joe had to do.

The 3D terrain is going to be the same as for RBR as the buildings for the major towns were similar to the Germans towns. The rural structures would not have differed too much because Poland at this time had a large German influence in much of the area where the major battles were fought. A farmhouse of this period in time in this area was not that much different than what you would see in Brandenberg.

I am working full steam ahead on my new project work with David Freer/WDS. I have plenty of work to keep me busy for years now. I can honestly say that if all goes well I should have two games out the door next year. The first one is almost halfway done and a newer project should be moving right along by February of next year.

I plan on working on the projects in this fashion:

1. Get one project through Phase 1, get the guys the files to playtest

and ...

2. Move on to the next project and do the same.


3. Move back to the first project and build the files for Phase 2 .. get the guys the files to playtest

then ....

4. Move on to the second project and do Phase 2 work.

While I am doing this I will do mapwork for the third project and so on.

I have a wide variety of items to work on to where I can both complete the work but also avoid the grind of working on the same kind of thing a lot.

Next year I should also kick off some light novel writing and work with another game company as well. 2019 could be a real breakout year for me.

Just taking it easy here and riding the bike now. I have taken four rides so far and each one has been a longer ride than the previous. Yesterday I rode to BSU and back. Next time I hope to go all the way to the golf course and enjoy a lunch.

We have rain and snow coming for next weekend so that will put a slight damper on riding but if the weather breaks I will be out their riding. When I was here before I would do medium length rides in temps down to 20F. Below that I draw the line and stay in.

That's it from here!

General der Kavallerie Wilhelm Prinz Peters von Dennewitz
Husaren-Regiment Hessen-Kassel
Infanterie-Brigade Hessen-Kassel
Königlich-Preußisches Armee-Korps
Scenario Designer for Napoleonic Battles series - John Tiller Software

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