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December Update
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Tue Dec 04, 2018 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  December Update

Work on the artwork for CEF continues. Mark Adams should have all of it NLT mid to late January.

I am reading through Geert's book on the 1799 Holland campaign and will be looking over the battles and update the RBR files as needed. Work on the OB Compendiums (hereafter abbreviated as OBCs) is on hold as I want to be sure that the updates are all done before I add in the OBCs.

Work on panzer projects is going full bore (pun). I am working on two large maps for one game and another map for still another project. I also am adding in new scenarios and adjusting others. We have a good (small) playtest team going over the work on the first title.

If I can get a programmer and artist together I may be working on a new game for Slitherine. Pretty excited about this if it all works as it could mean a medium-term commitment of say 4-6 products. There is more work with them for programmers than scenario designers so I dont have a huge choice unless I want to build my own game from scratch.

My brigade level Napoleonics game is off the table for the moment as the programmer I had lined up and I decided to call the project. I may turn it into a board game instead.

If all goes well and the Eylau game gets out on time I should be in great shape for next year. With new products rolling out I should be able to generate enough funding to live on. Winter is here and the work is plentiful so I should be very busy from here on out.

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