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PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2020 1:17 pm 

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When I worked on RBR I thought I had the very latest OB info for the forces for the Noord Holland campaign. That game was worked on over 3 years ago and I have since moved on with work to WW2. My final verdict on the Noord-Holland OB issues are this:

If someone wants to take the OB in Geert's book, "The Secret Expedition" and build an OB for Bergen (or any of the others) and revise the scenarios I will add them to the next RBR update. You would need to name any OBs with the term "_REV" after the filename but before the file type designation.


The revised version of Bergen.oob would be Bergen_REV.oob

All new scenarios would replace the default scenarios but they would point to the new OB file. The old OB file would remain in place so that games in progress can play out.

If someone wants to do this I can come up with a free game plan. We would review the game files together and then I will send them along to Rich for inclusion in a future update.

I just do not have the time anymore to wade through all of the work that needs to be done on it. Its not only time I do not have but its very mentally taxing for me to have to go back and lay everything out again.

Add to it that I am HIGHLY skeptical of the strengths that Geert uses in his OBs. The Allied army, in particular, was starving during the campaign as the Dutch had removed all of the farm animals and trying to live off the land was impossible. The Russian strengths, in particular, HAVE to be pre-invasion strengths. They lost men during the naval movement, getting dumped on the Channel Islands prior to the invasion and then during their time in Noord-Holland prior to the Battle of Bergen. The sources I used for the Russians were far more accurate. If I were to use Geert's OB the Allies would CRUSH the French-Batavian. The only other alternative is to have the Russians withdrawn during the game and have a different Russian force, with a morale level decrease, added to the map. That wont work as the placement would be off.

My Russian friends may dispute this all they like: the state of the Russian army in Noord-Holland was one of starvation and the British had not exactly planned properly for provisions for them. (As usual the British taking care of their own ... similar to Napoleon with the French vs. all other allies) So what you had was:

1. Poor planning by British for food.
2. Russian sitting on ships and an island for too long.
3. The home team (i.e. The Dutch) stripping the land of all usable food and animals. Not a scorched earth policy ... more of a removal policy.

Anyway, that is how I plan on handling this. If I would to go back and correct every OB and scenario error in these games I would never have time to build new products.

Just figure that in RBR there probably are more errors. The information was scant and I did the very best I could with the time I had, the materials at my disposal and face it, you will NEVER see a game like RBR ever again. No game company puts out that much material in their products. JTS is a unique company in that we, the designers are a group of fanatics for the hobby who go well overboard to give you a product that we think is very good.

I had to come to this decision because I am older now, there are probably 100 more errors in other areas of the game and I have to press on with new work.

As far as I am concerned ... my part in correcting errors in the series, except for Campaign Eylau as its a recent product, is over. Rich Hamilton knows that from here on out he or some willing person, will have to make the corrections. After this last series of updates I decided that these would be the last I would work on, save that for Campaign Eylau. (I happen to be playtesting "The Battle of Golymin" as the setup was wrong ... there actually were less Russians present at the battle ....)

Bill Peters - Prussian civilian observer
Scenario Designer for John Tiller Software "Napoleonic Battles" and "Panzer Campigns" series games

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