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Preußische Armee-Promotions
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Author:  SLudwig [ Mon Nov 29, 2004 8:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Preußische Armee-Promotions

<center><b>Preußische Armee Promotions</b>


"It is with great honour and privilege, in the name of the Honourable <font color="green">Generalfeldmarschall Stefan Ritter von Reuter</font id="green">, himself a servant of our revered König, Fredrich Wilhelm III, sovereign of <font color="green">Königreich von Preußen</font id="green"> and protector of Germany, that the Preußische Armee offered <font color="green">promotions</font id="green"> to the following officers for gallantry in the face of the enemy and for furthering the glory of Preußen. Gott save the König and Vaterland."

<font color="green"><b>General der Infanterie</b></font id="green">
<b>Simone Tombesi</b>

<font color="green"><b>Kapitän</b></font id="green">
<b>Oliver Kreuels</b>

<font color="green"><b>Premierlieutenant</b></font id="green">
<b>Clinton Hill
Adrian Marcks
Eric Nick
Karl von Werra
Garret Fitzgerald
Robert Scholtz</b>

Congrats to all!!! Für Korps und Vaterland</center>

[url=""]<b>GeneralMajor Scott Ludwig</b>[/url]

[url=""]3. Infanterie-Brigade[/url]
I. Armee Korps
Heer am Niederrhein
Preußische Armee

I. Armee Korps
Heer am Niederrhein
Preußische Armee

[url=""]Preußische Armee Webmaster[/url]


Herzog von Saxe-Weimar
(Duke of Saxe-Weimar)

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