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Optional House Rules
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Author:  Ed Blackburn [ Mon Dec 20, 2004 9:39 am ]
Post subject:  Optional House Rules

I'm soliciting opinions on the use of the Optional House Rules in the HPS games posted here at the NWC site.

My own opinion is I don't like most of the ones relating to infantry vs cavalry relationships and movement restrictions. I find it unrealistic to believe that a small sqadron will hamper in any serious manner the movment of an 1100 man infantry battalion. To not allow the battalion to move adjacent to a small formation and fire on it is kind of ridiculous. I could live with a restriction based on some sort of size ratio between the formations. Say something along the lines of 1:2 cavalry to infantry the move adjancet to the cavalry is not permitted. Same applies to infantry surrounding or pursing small units of cavalry.

I do totally agree with leashes on the skirmishers and will not play without them. I think the requirement for the leash should be some number of hexes in front of ANY formed unit (does not have to be the parent). There are thousands of examples of skirmishers or isolated portions of units fighting on alone, or after re-establishing contact with some other units of their army.In my recent readings about the 1813 Campaign there are even numerous examples of Prussian and Russian regiments deplying skirmishers to screen each other.

These are my main disagreements, What do others believe? To all my opponents present and future please do not expect my compliance to any of the optional house rules by default.

Happy holiday to all,

Capt. Ed Blackburn
1/50th West Kent, 6th Div, II Corps, AAA

Author:  Zettlemyer [ Tue Dec 21, 2004 1:40 am ]
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When it comes to house rules or any optional rules I'm kind of fast & loose. I discuss it with my opponent prior to our game and we come to an agreement about our preferences. For the most part I can play with any rules as long as both sides have the set in stone before we start.

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Author:  1182 [ Tue Dec 21, 2004 3:48 am ]
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I totally agree with zinkyusa's opinion on Optional House Rules! Trying to make a simulation software more realistic by adding more <u>artificial</u> rules is... unrealistic! [:p]

[url=""]Lt Pierre-Yves Guinard[/url],
6e Division, II Corp

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