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III Corps Muster Armee du Nord
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Author:  Tony Malone [ Sun Jan 09, 2005 5:07 pm ]
Post subject:  III Corps Muster Armee du Nord

Sirs, this is a copy of the e-mail I sent to all, just in case some miss it. SALUTE!

Sirs, I am sending this to all that I have addresses for. As most of you know we have a New Army commander, I have been in contact with him. He would like a complete Corps muster by the end of this month. Any one not mustering will be dropped from rolls unless, they make prior contact as to why they could not or need an extension. If anyone has contact with some one that I missed please let them know. After this muster there will be a reorganization based on who is here and who is not. No commands will change unless requested or some one is missing. After the muster, points will be assigned as in the old days, as well as rewards, promotions, and appointments to the Guard. Please bear with me in all this as we once again see this Corps and Army come alive. To all Brigade and Division commanders, with your report please forward recommendations for awards, points, promotions, and appointments to the Guard. Also, any recommendations on ways for us to make things better. I waited till the question on the Army commander was decided, as I did not want to do one thing and do an about face to another. I thank you all for your help and support. SALUTE!

Marshal Malone

Maréchal, Baron Tony Malone: 1ere/1ere Fusilier Chasseurs; CDR III Corps Armee Du Nord
"The Guard may die, But it never surrenders".

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