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 Post subject: Wagram 1.04 patch posted
PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2005 7:22 am 

Joined: Wed Feb 20, 2002 4:18 am
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Location: United Kingdom
Its up on HPS. Usual question will it effect running games [?]

Field Marshal Sir "Lucky" Jim (K.G.)
Army Commander
Allied/Dutch Army
"And let my sword not sleep in my hand"

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Jan 21, 2005 5:35 pm 

Joined: Wed May 23, 2001 10:18 am
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Yes it will Jim, but not in any significant way. I made some changes to the OB and it will have some effect on those Austrian 12lb French guns that someone reported to me that were in the French OB. Now they are the correct weight (6lb I think). Thus this should not effect your file from opening correctly or you seeing any change in your game. I took special care in making sure that the names were standard as much as I could. This always gets me - I always seem to miss a name that stays in the past scheme. Thus nothing big for those of you that have existing games going.

The main changes in the OB were the naming scheme - something that I struggle to finish off each time I do a patch.

Also - a TON of fixes to the scenarios. I noted that the Aspern-Essling scenarios had a disordered gun battery in the Reinforcement dialog (4th Column I think) and it was reoccurring in about 7 of the scenarios. An easy fix but something I hadnt noted.

Also: the Piave scenarios are MUCH different now. Also the Austrian 7th Korps is available in an alternate version of the Piave battle.

Another fix: Piave now has pioneers. A new version of the full battle has pioneers available for the French.

There are several new scenarios that depict portions of the Battle of Wagram:

1. Aderklaa - the fight during the morning of the 6th by St. Cyr and Bernadotte to retake Aderklaa.

2. Smaller Scale Aderklaa - a new map on a much smaller scale of Aderklaa allows you to fight with companies, squadrons and gun sections. Its for the players that like a smaller scale. Based loosely on the EAW series the hexes are 50 meters. Turns are 10 minutes instead of the EAW 5 minute turns. Range are doubled so look out. What you normally are used to - 2 hex range for muskets - is now 4. And so on.

3. Klenau's Attack - the scenario depicts the attack by the VI Austrian Korp on the left flank of the French army. Dean Beecham playtested it and found it to be challenging - I think he had a draw in his game (Hotseat playtesting is my main way of doing testing with PBEM being used as well but not as much as before - thus we dont have to rely on the A/I to give us a game - we just do the best we can against ourselves in most of our testing now).

There is also a corrected version of the Wagram Battle map and the Vienna map as well. The correction was to raise the Lobau Island in places that allowed the historical LOS for the French guns that guarded the bridges. Kudos to John Tiller for recoding the engine so that I could add in corrected versions of the maps.

Ah yes, I missed one - the Ebelsberg scenario is a bit different now.

Also the Cham scenario (its one of the first fights you can have in the campaign) has one of the bridging locations removed to better balance the scenario.

My plan this time was to get through checking with all of the existing scenarios to make sure that they didnt have errors. I made it through all of the historical/alternate versions but only got through with some of the campaign scnearios. I will work on the rest over the next few months bit by bit and for the next patch I will have the last of the fixes that I want to do.

PDT files - infantry now have 22 MPs for the main PDT files (austrianfirst.pdt and frenchfirst.pdt and some of the others). I will put out the rest of the PDT files later on.

The main fix that this patch addresses and which was the MAIN reason for its release was to fix the problem with the increasing file size just like the Eckmuhl patch in November fixed.

Oberst-Lt Wilhelm Peters
2nd Kuirassiers, Austrian Army

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