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073. Four Days of Leipzig
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Author:  Christian Hecht [ Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  073. Four Days of Leipzig

Hopefully the former participants of the scenario thread in the Rhine Tavern can fill it up here again.
Sorry for triggering the move of the thread but I think that such feedback for a scenario is what this section is all about, so such postings should go here to have a single spot for the developer to look at and to draw improvements out of it.

AFAIk the main point was about missing releases and wrong release times. Especially some leaders/staff of the Allies(?) had no releases what made them vulnerable.

Author:  Bill Peters [ Mon May 01, 2017 2:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 073. Four Days of Leipzig

Here are corrected files (10 and 15 min. versions) for the scenario. As posted before it corrects the following:

1. French brigade is no longer fixed.
2. Austrian reserve artillery is fixed and releases with the rest of the Reserve Korps at 10:30am.

Both files go in the main game folder. Let your opponent know that you want to use the updated version before play.

Optionally for those of you that insist on waiting for the official update just have the Allied player send a lone unit up the road on the "island" section between the rivers (there is an Austrian korps moving up that way) to trigger the release of the units. There is artillery of the army that is with the Reserve Korps. It should be fixed. Just dont move it if you want to avoid using these files.

These files will not affect games in progress in any way. Once a battle has been started the .scn files have no affect on the game. The information in the .scn file is saved to the .bte file.

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