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Battle of Marengo - Full Battle and Smaller Scenario Updates
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:53 am ]
Post subject:  Battle of Marengo - Full Battle and Smaller Scenario Updates

I need to go back over the scenarios and ensure that:

1. Lannes does not arrive at Marengo until about 11am.

2. The Austrian release is slower ....

3. Increase the value of the bridge at Marengo. Right now its too low. The bridge was not destroyed and yet every time now I have succeeded in destroying it (well, after my tournament game with Paco). I now can slow up the Austrians by another 10-12 turns when I destroy the bridge. This should not be happening.

With a slower release time there will not be a "race for the flanks" too. A brigade of French light cavalry may have been posted on the right flank at the beginning of the battle. However, with the slower release of the Austrians this wont be a problem. The French can still post their cavalry to the flank if they like.

I plan on playtesting the newer versions of the full battle and smaller scenarios. I will post a "Playtesters Wanted" notice when I do. Games will count for full club credit of course.

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