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Author:  Bill Peters [ Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Marengo Notes

I just got Philippe Divine's review notes for the Campaign Marengo game. He found a lot of leader image errors.

He also noted that the Campaign_Genoa.oob file had no Austrians. This was intentional. I wanted to add in the OB for the French in case someone wanted to use it for their own design.

At one point I considered making a Genoa map and having "sortie scenarios" but I just dont have enough data to go on.

So the OB is in the main game folder and you guys are welcome to do with it as you like. Make a copy if you plan on adding in the Austrians!

Given time and source material I will add in the Austrians. I remember that the Osprey book by Hollins on the campaign has the Austrian info but remember that the Austrians changed their lineup more often than Sparky Anderson changed pitchers! :frenchlol:

So the Hollins OB is just a starting point. Regiments were swapped around. Even cavalry squadrons.

I dont think that the sortie scenario for the Siege of Danzig that I did for Leipzig gets much play. If anyone has detailed info on the sorties let me know. I have a source map I can use for Genoa. Would not be impossible to add in a Genoa map.

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