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PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 7:50 pm 

Joined: Wed May 23, 2001 10:18 am
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Chad over at The Blitz found quite a few spelling errors in the scenario descriptions. Here is the list of what he found:

000 Getting Started
functions is misspelled

001. Rearguad Action at Biezun
arrived is misspelled

005. The River Crossing at Czarnowo
Division is misspelled

007. Czarnowo: Earlier French Assault
Division is misspelled

094. Ostroleka: Gazan's Assault
assault is misspelled

096. Ostroleka: Gazan's Assault - More Russian Forces
assault is misspelled

008. Czarnowo: More French Boats!
Division is misspelled

013. Rearguard Action at Kolozab
Division is misspelled

017. Rearguard Action at Sochocin
"period" and "assault" are misspelled

Also, the following doesn't make sense... This time Heudelet's 2nd Division of the French VII Corps attempts to take Sochocin from the Russian defenders. The crack 1 Eger was able to hold the position with the support of six horse guns and some hussars for over two hours.

Not sure if it superpose to read ...The one crack Egar.....

021. The Battle of Golymin
begin is misspelled

026. The Battle of Pultusk
situation is misspelled

035. Pultusk-Golymin: Alternate Setup #2
involved is misspelled

043. Rearguard Action at Bergfried
Napoleon is misspelled

050. The Rearguard Action at Hof
desperate is misspelled
stubbornness is misspelled

056. The Battle of Eylau
Napoleon is misspelled
February is misspelled
Russian is misspelled

057. The Battle of Eylau: Unleashed!
Russian is misspelled

058. Eylau: Unleashed - Davout Is Here!
Russian is misspelled

059. The Battle of Eylau: Ney Arrives
Russian is misspelled

061. The Battle of Eylau - Later Start
Russian is misspelled

063. Eylau - Later Start - Ney Is Here!
Russian is misspelled

064. Eylau - Later Start - Ney Arrives Earlier!
Russian is misspelled

065. Eylau - Later Start - Davout Deployed!
Russian is misspelled
scenario is misspelled

066. Eylau - Later Start - Guard the Left Flank!
Russian is misspelled
scenario is misspelled

067. Eylau - Later Start - Ney Takes A Shortcut!
Russian is misspelled

074. Eylau: Augereau's Coordinated Assault
possibility is misspelled

086. Eylau: L'Estocq's Attack
degenerated is misspelled

110. Guttstadt: Murat Arrives!
Provisional is misspelled

113. The Action at Lomitten
players is misspelled

116. The Action at Spanden
severe is misspelled
culminate is misspelled

119. The Battle of Deppen-Ankendorf
fighters is misspelled
initiative is misspelled

123. The Battle of Heilsberg
Accordingly is misspelled
divisions is misspelled

126. Heilsberg: Lannes' Flanking Maneuver
forced is misspelled

127. Heilsberg: Lannes Deployed!
forced is misspelled

137. Bagration Enters The Fray: More Russian Forces
Eighth is misspelled

140. Assault on the Redoubts - Add Oudinot
The "G" in garde should be capitalized

143. Heilsberg: Verdier's Assault
situation is misspelled

152. The Battle of Friedland
replaced is misspelled

161. Friedland: Grouchy's Cavalry Fights!
The first listing of cavalry is misspelled

174. Friedland: Verdier Into the Fray!
division is misspelled

178. Friedland: The Grand Assault
Not sure if Jagers is suppose to be capitalized; in game it currently is not.

181. Friedland: The Grand Assault - Later French Start
assault is misspelled

Bonus-001. Three Armies at Eylau
Russian is misspelled

Bonus-004. The Battles of Pultusk-Golymin
Russian is misspelled

Bonus-010. The Battle of Friedland - Fatigue
Russians "reinforcements" is misspelled

M15-056. The Battle of Eylau
February is misspelled

M15-065. Eylau - Later Start - Davout Deployed!
scenario is misspelled

M15-066. Eylau - Later Start - Guard the Left Flank!
scenario is misspelled

M15-110. Guttstadt: Murat Arrives!
Provisional is misspelled

Bill Peters - Prussian civilian observer
Scenario Designer for John Tiller Software "Napoleonic Battles" and "Panzer Campigns" series games

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