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Updated on October 26, 2021


Fatherly Advice - by John Buxton

Welcome & glad you joined the Colonial Campaigns Club (CCC). The below is some helpful information for new recruits, especially those not familiar with the Early American War Series from John Tiller Software (JTS). It has been authored by our fellow member Nick Ferry (British Army), who has written it (with a little historical panache), to be a 'pamphlet style' guide of a few key aspects in the games for new recruits.

(This is the same information that is mailed to new recruits in PDF format, which can be found here too) - PDF Link Coming Soon




Being a new officer you've no doubt sought out this Club because of its passion for history, and above all the love of a pulse-pounding JTS game! Wonderful beasts within the wargaming community, they are designed in such a way as to allow great player freedom, but above all exacting historical accuracy. Within that framework you will find that conducting your engagements with as much an eye to said accuracy as you can muster will see your efforts greatly rewarded. Because few arrive at our muster offices with this innate understanding, a pamphlet of institutional knowledge was conceived. So tie up your horse, help yourself to a drink or a smoke, and read on. Your men are waiting.

By now you are no doubt eager to set yourself to action. The above are guidelines, but it must be said: no planning can anticipate what you may find as you venture into the forests of this Continent. Friend and foe alike are arrayed across our forums and will gladly meet you. Please be sure to post challenges specifying game, scenario, and preferred optional rules, and see who comes out of the howling frontier to offer battle. As we also cater to general 18th Century military interest, please post whatever may be on your mind, or on the pages of history. We'd even like to peruse photos of your latest battlefield hike.

This author could go on, but the sun is nearly at its zenith, and the crackle of skirmish is building to a full roar. The army must be attended to. We eagerly await your presence on the field.

I have the honor to be most respectfully,

Your most Obedient and most Humble Servant,
N.A. Ferry


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