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Looking for RBR or Leipzig Battle - CLOSED
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Mon Mar 27, 2023 10:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking for RBR or Leipzig Battle - CLOSED

Looking for medium to large sized scenario from either RBR or Leipzig. I want to leave the VPs for Leader Casualty rule off for any version 4.04 or higher. See my other options in my signature. We can discuss them prior to play. New skirmisher leash rule works so no need to discuss that topic.

I can play with any version of the games.

Preferred scenarios:

109. The Battle of Emmendingen (and variants if you like)
168. The Battle of Messkirch
086. The Battle of Neresheim: Early Start

013. Großbeeren: Early French Arrival
037. Katzbach: Souham Gets His Orders
095. Möckern: The Allies Spotted!

I am open to other scenarios. Nothing huge like Dresden or Leipzig.

Experience players only. Thanks!

------UPDATE-----Picked up a second game with Bill Cann - Bautzen - Rearguard at Karstula - Russo Swedish War - CHALLENGE CLOSED

Author:  Dean Webster [ Tue Mar 28, 2023 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for RBR or Leipzig Battle

Hey Bill,

I'd love the opportunity to play such an esteemed opponent as your self. I'm a Colonel at the moment, but expect to be promoted to Général de Brigade in the next dispatches, if that is experienced enough for you.

Happy to go with your preferred rules, I prefer most of those myself.

Had a bit of a look, I'd like to go with RBR - 086 Messkirch, or Leipzig 037 Katzbach, maybe slightly favouring Messkirch but happy to go with either.

Let me know what you think.

Vive l'Empereur :frenchvive1:

Author:  Bill Peters [ Tue Mar 28, 2023 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for RBR or Leipzig Battle

Sounds great, Dean. Messkirch it is.

My Allied legions will stand ready to take on your French foot soldiers. Will PM you my email in a second.

Picked up second game... Challenge is CLOSED

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