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History of Uniform of Cantinieres en Français pdf
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Author:  Steve Archer [ Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:40 am ]
Post subject:  History of Uniform of Cantinieres en Français pdf


Another oddball article, this one completely en Francais. I took French in High School ages ago, so rusty wouldn't even begin to describe my French, so I apologize in advance for any butchering of my French. The article is on the history of uniforms of the cantinieres and vivandieres in the 19th century. Article Title: Les Tenues des Cantinieres et Vivandieres de la fin du 1800 a la fin 1900 siecle. If is in a pdf of Le Passepoil from 1926 with illustrations. A good scanned copy. Profiter de l'article

Link ... ressed.pdf

Here is the entire 1926 Collection of Le Passepoil for 1926, includes uniform illustrations and color plates. ... 201926.pdf

sincères amitiés

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