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BUG: cavalry stack overruns bigger skirmisher stack
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Author:  Christian Hecht [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  BUG: cavalry stack overruns bigger skirmisher stack

Just had to witness that a cavalry stack overruns a bigger skirmisher stack although the manual clearly states that it can only happen if the cavalry is stronger than the skirmishers:
"Cavalry will overrun defending Skirmishers whenever their strength is equal to
or greater than the strength of the Skirmishers."

I tested a bit and with cavalry units a bit smaller than the single skirmisher unit overruns work, for example 93 dragoons can overrun a stack of composed of a 100 & 101 skirmisher unit. But with a cavalry unit clearly smaller it doesn't work as the charge is stopped, same example as above but with the cavalry split into a 46 & 47 strong unit not of the cavalry unit can overrun that stack.

Attached a save file of the Leipzig game were one can try it and see that much smaller French cavalry unit can overrun the much stronger Prussian skirmisher stack.
Now split one of the French cavalry units and try an overrun with this French cavalry stack, overruns still work.
And finally split the French cavalry and just try it with such a single cavalry unit and you will see that overrun will not work and that the charge instead will be stopped.
It seems to me that the size of the cavalry unit/stack is compared to the individual skirmisher unit size instead of the size of the whole stack, I doubt that this is WAD as it contradicts what the manual stated & history. The way it usually happened historically was the skirmishers ran together to form a pack that was just to big to be simply overrun by the cavalry.

So in my eyes a cavalry unit/stack should only overrun a skirmisher unit/stack if the overall size of the cavalry unit/stack is bigger than the overall size of the skirmisher unit/stack.

Author:  Geoff McCarty [ Tue Aug 28, 2018 4:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: BUG: cavalry stack overruns bigger skirmisher stack

Yes skirmisher overruns were a bad idea to implement. As was 75% reduction in fire on skirmishers. Optional rules which are in constant use now have made overrun logic redundant (skirms can't trap units for elimination). When I attempt a skirmisher line deployment it's always with the knowledge that they'll be wiped out by my enemies cavalry. While I can post them to rough terrain and they'll be invulnerable to return fire. Extreme rules in a mostly otherwise orderly system make for extreme confusion.

Your bug reports should be very helpful to improving the game. Have you sent them to support? Any reply?

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