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New WDS Snow 2D Graphics
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Fri Nov 26, 2021 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  New WDS Snow 2D Graphics

I found the new 2D Snow ground tiles to be too bright for me to use. I used the older graphics from the last update and they work fine.

You may want to check this out. Save one of the Snow folders in one of the games you updated with last year's JTS Nap updates and then update your game with the WDS update. Then open up one of the winter scenarios. This mainly applies to the following games:

Marengo (I think it has snow scenarios .. cant remember ...)

Obviously all of you have your fav. terrain sets to use but I really like the new 2D graphics. Only the snow terrain needed some tweaking. Might just be the ground tiles files that need to be copied over the new ones.

BTW: I saved the new Snow folder as WDS Snow. I suggest you keep the new Snow folder in place and then try the following files from the older Snow folder:


Ice and Snow weather use different graphics. I think they share the same Ground tile set. Some of you graphics mods guys would now for certain.

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