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Leipzig OBs - Phantom Leader Name Change to ORG
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Author:  Bill Peters [ Mon Nov 27, 2023 11:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Leipzig OBs - Phantom Leader Name Change to ORG

I had not noticed but sometime before the JTS products were purchased by WDS the "Phantom" leader name that I had assigned to leader, which we were not able to give a proper name, has been changed. The new name is the ORG that they are part of. Here is a sample listing from the Dennewitz OB:

(under the Army of the North - Russian)

C 12 Corps/WC
L 3 4 302 GM Laptiev
D 21 Div/WC
L 2 4 304 GM 21 Div/WC

So "GM 21 Div/WC" shows up in the leader name field of the unit info area in the game.

As you can see the word "Phantom" was removed from the name area and the ORG inserted in its place.

I probably missed when this happened but I now plan on trying to insert a correct name (or one more specific) for those entries.

The OBs that seem to be the ones in question are:


... and there are others too.

I still have an old update for JTS Leipzig which I will use to help me locate the old Phantom entries. Once I have found those in Ultra Edit I will have a list of the OBs that I need to fix. Of course there might be others as updates do not always contain the full set of OBs but its a start.

Once one of them is done then the rest should go quickly. I will work on the Fall OB first as it has the most to correct.

This work is secondary to finishing up the Dennewitz battle revision work. I just finished redoing the Prussian 4th Korps today and will move on to working on the 3rd Korps tomorrow. I have some minor changes to do for the French and then that's it. There also will be fewer Russian units in the battle. I will leave the rest in the OB for optional/variant scenarios.

Anyway, just wanted you guys to know that I just saw this and will be looking to add in names. Anyone wanting to help is welcome to join in. I need help for the Russian army in particular.

Author:  Christian Hecht [ Sat Dec 02, 2023 8:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Leipzig OBs - Phantom Leader Name Change to ORG

Work on scenario seems to have been minor compared to all the engine changes we had since WDS put the pedal to the metal on the NB series.
So thanks again Bill for that work!

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