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French National Cohorts in the spring campaign
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Author:  Christian Hecht [ Sun May 29, 2022 9:38 am ]
Post subject:  French National Cohorts in the spring campaign

I had done a check of this a while ago and came back to it in preparation of playing Bautzen.
The ratings & weapons of the Cohorts seem strange or simply said wrong, they almost look like meant for Leipzig but not Bautzen.
In Bautzen all these bat. are new and have not seen any combat, so setting differently isn't making sense and they should rather be rated based on there development history.
History is simple, raised March 1812 they were designated as line regiments in January 1813. They saw there first real battle at Lutzen were Ney's III Corps carried the brunt of the battle & casualties. After the battle Ney & Napoleon agreed that these new units performed very well and better then expected.

Now the problems:
- The ratings are mostly D with only 4 reg. of them having C, that is no so far bad as it set them 1 level below the Russian line & 2 levels below the Prussian line units. Doubtful they can performance as good as they did.
- The weapons are also a problem with 13 reg. having conscript muskets although being raised in still good times without the need to relegate to substandard weapons. Training wise a lesser weapon also makes no sense as they all were trained equally.
- Last but not least in Leipzig notes Bill speaks of the ratings and explains them as he rated many units rather corps wise. He pointed out: "This includes Ney's III Corps which lost a large amount of its manpower at L├╝tzen. Thereafter this corps never did come up to the standards of a regular French corps.", that decline resulted in D ratings. And for the V corps he was rather positive what resulted in C ratings. But with the mass already rated D there is no decline of III Corps units.

To make sense of all of this my simple recommendation is this:
Quality = D
Moral = C(using the fanatical option in the OOB)
Weapons = Muskets(weapon type M in OOB

- Quality is D because these units are rather new and likely lacked the training of bat. maneuvers like regular units received them. Remember they were only designated as line in January 1813 and Lutzen was already in early May, so I'm fine to still say that their quality isn't up to the average regular unit.
- Moral C because like they performance they deserve & need an average rating to be at least up to the Russian moral. Still they are 1 level below Prussian line and 2 below Prussian light & grenadiers units.
- Weapon was already mentioned, neither because of training nor equipment a difference should be there and all should get the standard musket.

I hope my opponent agrees to these changes and we can play the historical scenarios of the spring campaign, by that we could provide some direct feedback.

Comments welcome.

Author:  Christian Hecht [ Sun May 29, 2022 5:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: French National Cohorts in the spring campaign

While not part of the National Cohorts the 134th line was formed from the Garde municipale de Paris that existed since 1802 and that required a certain level of quality.
Here the only problem is the conscript musket, such a long standing unit surely had the same muskets as regular units, even if they were only made to a line regiment in 1813.

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