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OOB observations based on CAMP_Dec-1806.oob Patch 1.01
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Author:  Christian Hecht [ Fri Sep 17, 2021 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  OOB observations based on CAMP_Dec-1806.oob Patch 1.01

I have worked through the three main OOBs and have found some things that need to be looked at.
For now I only post things for the CAMP_Dec-1806.oob, the others(CAMP_Jan-Feb-1807.oob and CAMP_June-1807_OB.oob) have often the same points but repeating them 3 times doesn't make much sense.

- Guard Gren. a Chev. and Guard Chas. a Chev. have 6 sq. with an A++ rating. Afaik this is 2 sq. more than before, as these likely come from the formerly attached Velites the 5th & 6th sq. should be rated lower.
(Problem is in all 3 OOBs.)

- Line infantry, well I see a mix of B & C ratings and do not look through if this is based on something purposely or an error. The data looks like this(The numbers are the regimental numbers and the > indicates the next corps):
Ligne 32/96/45/54/94/95>17/30/51/61/48/33/108/111/12/21/25/85>46/57 all in 1st, 3rd & 4th Corps, these are 39 bat. with B rating.
Ligne 8>36/43/55/4/28/18/75>34/40/64/88/100/103>39/69/76/50/27/59>14/44/105/24/63 All in 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Corps, these are 50 bat. with C rating.
I have me own view on the golden years of the French and would not mind that the things we see in Jena-Auerstedt, that is regimental commanders + B ratings for the line(even if B rating was only for Davout's 3rd Corps) would be expanded to 1805 and to 1807 pre-Eylau. the already high amount of veterans plus 2,5 years of daily training on the channel coast are just not reflected in the French ratings at all.
(This Problem is with changing regimental numbers in all 3 OOBs.)

- The Dragoons have 72 sq. with C rating, what begs the question why not B rated like in 1805 & 1806? I know dismounted Dragoons have been mounted with capture horses but afaik that was no large part of the Dragoon contingent of the French, a general lower rating does not seem deserved.
(Problem is in all 3 OOBs.)

- Not sure if this is purposely but 10th Chasseurs in 6th Corps has a B rating unlike the rest that have C ratings.

- Horse Artillery 4/6 found in the Guard, with 6 guns and a B Rating, irritates pretty much. French HA has usually an A rating. This is especially strange because there are 2 co. of foot artillery (2/1, 6/1) in the Guard that have an A rating, what is one level higher then the usual French FA. So above average HA makes it to the guard but also below average?
Besides that 4/5 might be wrong as you also find a 4/6 in 5th Corps with A rating, and later OOBs show a 2/6 HA in the guard.

- Now there is a general problem with the French HA, seems that 1st Corps gets HA with a substandard B rating while all others end up with the usual A rating HA. Data is as follows(The numbers are the company/regimental numbers):
Horse Artillery Guns 1/2, 2/3, 3/3(a), 3/3(b), 4/3 all in 1st Corps, these are 21 guns with a B rating.
Horse Artillery Guns 1/5 in 3rd Corps, 3/5 in 4th Corps, 3/6, 4/6 in 5th Corps, 1/2 in 6th Corps, 2/6(a), 2/6(b) in 7th Corps, 3/2(b), 2/2(a), 3/2 in I Res Cav Corps, 4/2, 2/2, 3/2(a) in II Res Cav Corps, these are 42 guns with a A rating.
Overall I do not know why about 1/3 of the French HA is rated lower then usual. What was so bad about 1st Corps HA?
(Problem is in all 3 OOBs.)

- Here is maybe a problem with 2 grenadier regiments. The GR Ekaterinoslav and Moscow have there grenadier bat. rating B, unlike the usual A rating. And there fusilier bat. are all rated C, unlike the usual B rating. Error or purposely so?

- The Russian J├Ąger Regiments, 30 bat. with a B rating, are now rated higher then in 1805 and 1806, usually there rating was on the base level of the infantry what would be C. So how came the improvement? It's a little hard to see a general uprating following 1805 & 1806 and the general performance was just average an afaik not on the level of the French.

Author:  Garret Fitzgerald [ Wed Oct 27, 2021 10:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: OOB observations based on CAMP_Dec-1806.oob Patch 1.01

Thank you.

Andy Moss and I are playing the full campaign right now.

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