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Author:  pierred [ Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Forum post guidelines

The Napoleonic War gaming Club (NWC) is a place to play games of this period, discuss the games, discuss history, and similar activities. To keep a polite atmosphere focused on our mission, we ask club members to follow a few rules while posting. Forums are moderated by the NWC staff. We respect free speech, but we also reserve the right to edit or delete messages, without notice or explanation, which we determine to be inappropriate. Repeat offences will result in a review of Forum privileges.

Personal attacks, name calling, cursing accusations of misconduct will not be tolerated. In recognition of our broad international membership, we discourage the discussion of world politics, religion and current events, as these items of discussion can be disruptive to our hobby.

No trolling. “Trolling” is whenever someone is clearly and deliberately posting in a manner that appears their sole purpose is to anger and/or insult other participants of this message board. Trolling can also be posts directed not only to one member but a group of members. Trolling does not encourage further discussion. Trolling encourages personal attacks and as such will not be tolerated. No badgering or forum stalking will be tolerated. This includes disparaging comments of the “clubs past members or Leadership”.

If you disagree with a message that has been posted and believe it to contravene any of the NWC Forum rules, please do not respond on the board calling for it to be moderated as this tends to escalate the argument and give it more 'airtime' than it necessarily deserves. Please send a Personal Message to the forum moderators via the forum email system.

All NWC members who post must have in their signature: Name, Rank, Army info. All pictures are to conform to size limits.

Please respect all copyright laws.

A failure to follow this etiquette can result in your forum privileges being suspended.

NWC Staff

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