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Marengo Challenge Tournament (2016)

Tournament Questions? Contact Jim Pfluecke at [minsterpfleck at yahoo dot com]



This is an Army vs Army challenge. Members of the French Army will play the French side and members of the Coalition will play as the Austrians (Associate members please list your preferred side). This will NOT be a mirror match. Each pair of players will play the scenario they choose only once.

Each major victory will count as 2 points for the army of the winning player, with a minor victory counting as 1 points. Whichever army has the most points will gain bragging rights (and perhaps some sort of "prize").

Three scenarios are included to play:

1. Scenario 098 Battle of Marengo. This is one of the most evenly balanced scenarios in any of the games (I tested it 3 times), and makes for a fine scenario to set the French Army against the Coalition. It is 78 turns long.

2. Scenario 108 Third Assault on Marengo Village. This is 28 turns and involves less forces.

3.Scenario 110 Marengo: Napoleon's Counterattack. This is also less turns and involves most of each army (still less than 30,000 men per side).


Optional Rules:

For optional rules, please check all the boxes except for manual defensive fire, no retreat overruns, partial retreats, and multiple infantry melees. If you need help setting this up let me know and I will send you the file to start the game.



The below awards are given to those who participate in the Tournament and also for those who win their match.

Marengo Challenge Tournament (2016) French Victory Medal Marengo Challenge Tournament (2016) Participation Medal Marengo Challenge Tournament (2016) Coalition Victory Medal

Marengo Challenge Tournament (2016) French Victory Medal

Marengo Challenge Tournament (2016) Participation Medal Marengo Challenge Tournament (2016) Coalition Victory Medal

Awarded for a French Victory

Awarded to All Participants Awarded for a Coalition Victory








Scenario: 098. Battle of Marengo

Maréchal d'Empire Paco Palamo, Prince d'Essling et Duc d'Abrante

1er Régiment des Grenadiers à Pied de la Garde Impériale

General der Kavallerie Wilhelm Prinz Peters von Dennewitz

Husaren-Regiment Hessen-Kassel

Major Coalition Victory

Scott Martin

Associate Member (Blitz Member)

General-Feldmarshal Count Anton Kosyanenko

Astrakhan Grenadier Regiment

Major Coalition Victory

Général de Brigade Antonio Zinno

1er Régiment des Flanqueurs de la Garde Impériale

Field Marshal Sir Andrew Moss, K.T., 1st Duke of Wellington

Commander-in-Chief (CiC) of the Allied Coalition

Major French Victory

Colonel Ed Blackburn

13ème Régiment d'Infanterie Légère

Field Marshal Sir Mark Nelms, K.T., 1st Duke of Gordon

92nd (Gordon Highlanders) Regiment of Foot

Major French Victory

Général Christophe Boucheron, Comte de Berry et Baron de l'Empire

1er bataillon, 3e Régiment des Grenadiers à Pied de la Garde Impériale (Hollandais)

Generalfeldwachtmeister Mark van Hattem

Infanterie-Regiment Erzherzog Karl Nr. 3


Colonel Cezary Pluskwa

3ème Compagnie du 2ème Régiment d'Artillerie à Cheval

Major Bob Hughes

Westfälisches Landwehr Jäger Detachement

Major Coalition Victory

Colonel Yvan Jacob

Commandant de la 1ère Brigade, 2ème Division de Grosse Cavalerie

Feldmarschalleutnant Jeff Freiherr McDonald von Salzburg

Husaren-Kavallerie-Regiment Palatin von Ungarn Nr. 12

Major Coalition Victory

Capitaine Steffen Haug

24ème Régiment d'Infanterie Légère

Feldmarschall Stefano Freiherr Ciampoli von Toskana

1. Kürassier-Brigade


Lieutenant Guillaume Bertrand

43ème Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne

Colonel Ian Conway, 1st Baron of Fife

2nd (Royal North British) Regiment of Dragoons (Scots Greys)


Lieutenant Tomasz Tesznar

10ème Régiment de Dragons

Oberst Mike Stefanowicz

Infanterie-Regiment Hoch- und Deutschmeister Nr. 4

Major French Victory

Maréchal d'Empire John Corbin, Grande-duc de Piave et Comte de Beauvais

Le Commandant en Chef de La Grande Armée

Generalleutnant Ken GroßHerzog Miller von Lindenthal

2. Dragoner-Regiment (Westpreußisches)

Major Coalition Victory


Scenario: 108. Third Assault on Marengo Village

Général Ernie Sands

Chef d'état-major du Vème Corps

General-Feldmarshal Count Austerlitzky Bill Cann

Imperial Russian Corps Chief of Staff

Major Coalition Victory

Chef de Bataillon James Breckenridge

17ème Compagnie du 5ème Régiment d'Artillerie à Pied

Feldmarschall Jim Erzherzog Pfluecke von Teschen

Kommandeur der Austro-Prussian-Swedish Armee

Major Coalition Victory

Lieutenant Steve Archer

4ème Régiment de Hussards

Major General Sellick Davies, 1st Baron of Somerset

40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot

Major French Victory


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