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Member Memorial


The Napoleonic Wargame Club (NWC) wishes to remember the following members & friends who have passed on from this life:


La Grande Armée

The Anglo-Allied Army




Sam Dodson

Armando Russo

Warren Bajan

Juergen Massion

Dirk Smith (Obituary)

Serge Hebrant


Nico Zeeland

Richard Asher

Danny Canavan (Forum Notice)

Steve Kitchen (Forum Notice) (Obituary) (Army Record)

Tom Phillips (Forum Notice) (Obituary) (Army Record)


Österreichisches Imperiales Armeekorps (Imperial Austrian Army Corps)

Königlich-Preußisches Armee-Korps (Royal Prussian Army Corps )

Celamanka "Cela" Noftz (Forum Notice) (Austrian Armee Record) (Obituary)


Jerry Butley

Bill Braddock

Bill Drakert



Svenska Armékår (Swedish Army Corps)

Imperial Russian Army






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