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EDITION 02 June, 1998

Editor: Pierre Desruisseaux  NWC - Secretary of State



General Info and Club News

The month of may has been kind with many new recruits.  Organizational changes are going on in the French and Allied Camp.  If any one wishes to come forward to assist in forming Armies or Corps within their respective organizations then please fell free to inquire. These are the forming months of the club.  A long way to go.

If you have not noticed yet the Club rules have been formalized and published.  An important change is that now the #turn point value has been

32 Bit Waterloo review

Depuis trois semaines je rejoue a la serie Battelground. j'avais arrete il y a deux ans, consterne par ce jeu. D'un cote un tres beau et tres dificile terrain, d'interressant scenario et enfin un wargame informatique ressemblant aux jeux que je pratiquais depuis des annees avec des figurines. Mais de l'autres des regles tellement irrealistes que j'en fus decourage malgres l'apparition de regles maisons.

Mais miracle, deux ans apres que de changements. Les plus importants me semblent recents, un soufle nouveau arrive avec la nouvelle independance de John Tiller qui redonne vie a une serie qui allait s'eteindre. En dehors du graphisme ameliore grace au 32 bit, des regles optionnelles apparaissent. Encore peux nombreuses pour la serie Napoleonic mais deja fondamentale comme l'impossibilite pour les tirrailleurs de s'approcher de la cavalerie. Pour la serie civil war bien que les besoins de corrections
soient moins important les changements pourtant bien la. Premierement l'apparition de tirrailleurs et deuxiemement la phase de defence geree automatiquement par l'ordinateur. Sur ce dernier point il y a bien sure controverse entre ceux qui preferent tout gerer et ceux qui considere qu'en dehors du temps gagne, l'apparition d'une phase de reaction non controle est une idee interessante (un des attraits de Ages of Rifles).

Mais plus que tout, l'apparition de la version 32bit permet qu'aujourd'hui deux equipes differentes travail a l'amelioration de la serie Battleground et que cette serie continue puisqu'est annonce l'arrivee d'un nouveau jeu (Chickamauga 1863).

En conclusion je ne voie que des avantages a utiliser cette version et il me semble que tous devraient l'adopter.(cela economiserais de la place pour ceux qui comme moi possedent les jeux dans les deux versions).

Lte Bill bertrand
-1er Red Tigers Brigade/3 foot cavalry division/II Stonewall corps/CSA Army
 -2nd leger espagnol/2B/2D/ Armee du Rhin de la Grande Armee


It has been 3 weeks now that I have started to replay the BG games.  I stopped, about two years ago, frustrated with the games.  On one hand they were pleasing, excellent terrain features, interesting scenarios, finally a computer game that resembled the miniature games I have been playing for years.  However, unrealistic rules discouraged me even with the development of "house rules".

Miraculously after two years of upgrades and the seemingly death of the series,  John Tiller working hard as an 'unofficial' TS upgrade has breathed new life into the series with the 32 bit versions. Besides the graphic changes,  optional rules have been added.  Although not yet enough :-),  has added skirmisher rules, important for the ACW series but need more work on the Napoleonic.  Two new important additions, skirmishers and auto defensive fire for the ACW series. Although some will prefer to micro manage, an interesting feature in AOR.

Most important of all is that now we have teams building on the series and adding improvements, Chikimauga is an example.

In conclusion, I highly recommend that all adopt this new version.
Bill Bertrand.

Turn Trackers
To all:

  Quite some time ago when I had over 30 plus games going
(only 19 now!) I had troubles tracking the status of my
  To remedy this I created a log to track the moves for the
games. For the enclosed tables the initials are easily
translated to mean:

FM=French Movement Phase
FD=French Defensive Phase
FO=French Offensive Phases

  The Allies are the A's.
  I enter in the date that I did sent my particular move and
just put a slash through the other players phase so I
remember which side I was playing.
  I am going to put this as a link from the Coalition page
as helps for the club but if Pierre wants to link it instead
to a page that has the scenarios that is fine with me.
  It is very beneficial to newer players and tourneys.

Turn trackers

Bill Peters,
Hundred Days Campaign

An interesting idea developed by Bill Bertrand.  it incorporates strategic decisions and other variables which decide the force, composition and whereabouts of the next battle.   Basically a referee is needed who input the info and a program randomly selects the probable results.  A map is included, does not translate well into HTML.  Look for more info as it develops.

Hundred days Campaign rules

1. Strategic Options (if there is no big change at Ligny and Quatre Bras)
1.1  Prussian:
 June 15:   delayed action or not
 June 16 evening:  fight or retreat and where (a or Wavre)
 June 17:   where to reorganize the Army
 June 18:   which units for Waterloo and which for the Supply line
1.2  French
 June 16:   Who is in command of the Ist and VIth Corps
 June 16 evening:  Which units are doing the pursuit and when
 June 17:   Outflank Wellington or all on the Belle Alliance
 June 17 evening: Attack on Mont St Jean
 June 18   March to the sound of the guns or pushing back the Prussian
1.3  British
 June 16 evening:  fight or retreat
 June 17   delaying action on the Bruxelles road
 June 18  Call the reserve of Bruxelles and Halle (for Bruxelles reserve this option depends on the victory level at Ligny and Quatre Bras)
2. Event out of control
1.1  June 16
 Arrival of Ist VIth French Corps and IV Prussian Corps
1.2  June 16 evening
 Prussian resolution to fight
1.3  June 18
 Grouchy resolution to obey
1.4  all days
3. Weather
  Historical (change if not)
 June 15: raining (-2 hours for delaying action if sunny)
 June 16: Sunny  (+2 hours for beginning of Ligny and Quatre Bras Battles if raining)
 June 17: hard raining no artillery move outside road until 9am the 18th (-4 hours for beginning of Waterloo Battles the 18 if sunny)
 June 18: Sunny (+2 hours for beginning of Waterloo Battles if raining and artillery move outside road)
 All modification is cumulative
4. How to win the campaign
 The side who occupy all the Battlefields after the 16th is the winner
 If there are no decision the 25th the Allied wins (Austria and Russian arrive and it’s too late for Napoleon)
5. Supply line
 If an army loose is supply line, it’s loose all the wagon supply and its have only 8 artillery munitions by battery
 If the fight continue after the 20, the Prussian must leave the map (The Prussian supply organization wasn't able to work a long time)
6. After the battle.
 1.1 Army reorganization
 Unit in rout must be rallied - take 16 turns of no movement. Unit rallied is disorganized
 Unit disorganized must be reorganize- take 16 turns of no movement.
 Return of loose troops - take 16 turn of no movement- only organize unit could recovery loose
 Fatigue decrease. Less one level by no 4 moves turn
 So an Prussian unit how are at the end of the Ligny battle in rout with 9 fatigues level must stay at the same place during 93 turns before its could recovery battle loose and fatigue. But the reorganization could be do in Wavre
 1.2 Loose recovery
 A percentage of loose could be recovery. The amount depend of the victory level and of the percentage of total loose of the 2 armies (with battleground the loose are often too important, average loose for a single battle is near 30%)
 1.2.1 Winner of a battle (side who stay alone on the Battlefield)
        Recovery level 30%
1.2.2  Minor defeat
 Recovery level 20%
1.2.3  Major defeat
 Recovery level 10%
1.2.4  Average total loose of both side
 If lose>30%: recovery of 15% more
 If lose>40%: recovery of 35% more
 If lose>50%: recovery of 50% more
For more information contact: Bill

Promotions and Organization changes Army news!
 The French army are to form two armies.

Imperial Russian Army Commander HQ
      It appears that the Imperial Russian Army is filling out nicely.
Please take a look at the Russian Army page at the website and check your
name and points for accuracy. If you see any errors or have any concerns,
please drop me a note. If your name is not posted, it means you have not
started a training game with one of our training officers.
      I am pleased to see that several of our officers are extremely
active. Please report to me any games that you begin with the enemy, and
any games that you have started but have not reported to me previously.
Games are sanctioned by getting a designator, and informing your CoA of the
new battle. I can get you the game designator, or sometimes your opponent
will get it first. Designators are presently assigned by Steve Peluso.
Ideally, he should receive two game reports for every newly initiated game.
One from his participating French Officer, and one from the cognizant
Allied CoA's, depending on the nationality of the participating allied
     I'll be looking for Division officers in a month or two, and more
recruits are coming in.
     Look for some expanded club rules on the club site soon. These are to
clarify issues, and to prepare the club for a larger membership. Actually,
most of these rules should have been put out when the club stood up, but as
you know, the club is still very young, and we got it going perhaps before
we were ready. Don't be concerned about the expanded rules, they are really
more of guidelines and policy rather than anything that will impact game
playing. Game playing, player interaction and enjoyment are what the club
was created to achieve. Some of us may not be interested in the ranking
system and sanctioning the games we play. That is perfectly fine. I would
suspect that the new rules may require an active member to be involved in
at least one sanctioned game.
     Congratulations to the 2nd Lt. Underwood and 2nd Lt. Doggett for their
recent victories.
     Thanks for your participation. Let us preserve the Motherland!
                2nd Lt. Allen E. Torgerson
                Imperial Russian Army Commander



New Members

Welcome to all of the new members in May 1998.  Please be patient if you have not been contacted.
If you wish to help with the organization please contact myself or Steven J. Peluso.

11 french  7 Allies

Steve Takacs Side : Prussian Army
Vincent Corruble Side: France
Stewart Macintyre Side: France
Salvador Alemany Side: France
moulin Side: France
Jou Anton Side: France
ROBINE Side: France
Jordan Burnette Side: France
Ryan Masters Side: France
David W. Earls Side: France
Thomas Klimisch Side : Prussian Army
Paul Cramer Side : Russian Army
Mike Fuss Side : British Coalition
John Egan Side : Prussian Army
Thomas Payne Side : British Coalition
Richard Hamilton Side: France
Dil Roberts Side : Russian Army
Michael Phillips Side: France


Trivia Contest
 Why is general Mouton also called Lobau? Answer to:  Trivia Question

The 4th and 8th answer will receive 5 OBD points.


Battle News



New Scenarios



Battleground Updates
 32-bit Battleground™ Waterloo Version 2.03 (Windows 95)

Changes for BGW 2.03:
* Skirmishers do not negate the defensive effect of squares when
  charged by cavalry.
* Fix for low-strength units deploying skirmishers with strength 0.
* Skirmishers are prevented from voluntarily moving adjacent to enemy cavalry
  except when moving into a non-Clear, non-Field hex or when separated from
  the cavalry by a Creek or High Wall.


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