4ème Hussards at Friedland

4ème Hussards at Friedland

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Bulletins de l'Armée du Rhin

Soldats de l'Empire et de l'Armée du Rhin, Attention!



L'Armée du Rhin has survived and flourished through yet another year of campaigning. At this moment we're about to get reorganized and set for this year's spring/summer offensive. The enemy is reported active around Eckmuhl, and I advise all officers to use the opportunity to engage the enemy there.

The V and VIII Corps are performing according to plan, and the IV Reserve Cavalry Corps replacing the Reserve Cavalry should soon be fully operational. Plans for a new Corps are still in the draft phase, but we should soon have a Corps consisting of Italian, Spanish and Croatian regiments. L'Ecole de Mars is still feeding our frontline units with highly trained and motivated junior officers - but we can always use more training officers, so please volunteer if possible !


The following officers have been promoted during this month, to the following ranks, and shall enjoy all privileges and pay associated therewith.

French Uniforms

Orders, Decorations, & Medals

Ordre de l'Ecole

The following officers have been awarded various medals etc for achievements and merits:

Ordre de l'Ecole:
Médaille Militaire:
Ordre du Conféderation du Rhin:
Military Star:

Congratulations to them all, and

Vive la France!


Général Louis-Nicholas Davout
Comte de Rouen - Duc d'Auerstadt
Grenadiers à Pied de la Vieille Garde
Commander - Armée du Rhin

No dispatches from l'Armée du Rhin had reached the editorial offices of the NWC Newsletter at the prescribed deadline for this Edition. The following statement was issued:

Prussian Army on the Rhine

Messieurs! The enemies of la Patrie are gathering, hungry to leave their cold and barren birthlands and attempt the conquest of the home of food, wine, and sun, our immortal France! Shoulder-to-shoulder with the mighty Armée du Nord, the great Armée du Rhin holds the eastern marches with steely determination and patriotic ardor. How we have longed to sing the praises of these warriors, publicizing to the world their legendary exploits and martial virtues!

Soldats de l'Armée du Rhin!

Confederation of the Rhine, 1806

Stay ever true to your duty, and support your Commanders in their struggle to administer this awesome machine of war. Your disappointment at the absence of Dispatches in recent issues of the Napoleonic Wargaming Club Newletter has been keen; let this stand as yet another test of your fortitude and loyalty, which have never failed, will never fail, and will be rewarded richly in time.

I salute you!

Colonel Bill Peterson

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