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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2004 7:06 pm 

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<font face="Book Antiqua"><center>
<font size="1"><i>This info was posted for patriots for some time, and is reproduced here for benefit of all members.
</i></font id="size1"><b><font size="6">I </font id="size6"></b>am pleased to announce the <font size="5">F</font id="size5"><font size="2">ORMATION</font id="size2"> of the
<u><font size="6"><b>Society of the Cincinnati</b></u></font id="size6">.

As is fitting, the S<font size="2">TALWART</font id="size2"> <b>&</b> B<font size="2">RAVE</font id="size2">
<font size="4">G</font id="size4">eneral <font size="5">A</font id="size5">MOS
has been named <font size="4">President</font id="size4"> and <font size="5">1</font id="size5"><font size="1">st</font id="size1"> <font size="4">M</font id="size4">ember</center>

<u>Society of the Cincinnati</u>
40 completed battles (non-maneuver) with a positive win/loss record<center>-or-</center>
75 completed battles (non-maneuver)

<u>Hero of [field xxxxx]</u>
75 completed battles with a positive win/loss record
150 completed battles (non-maneuver)

For both honors for officers, <i>there is a service requirement</i>. For at least 3 months of the officer's career, he is to have served the club or American army in some way, from Department commander, to trainer, to member of the cabinet, <i>or any other capacity</i>. This is a one time requirement (you do not need 6 months to qualify to be Hero of [field xxx] )

1. Col. Smith has 30 wins, 5 draws and 15 losses. He is in.

2. Col. Washington has 22 wins, 3 draws, and 25 losses, he is out. However, Washington wins his next 4 games and he is in. Once gaining a positive record and eligibility, it can not be taken away.

3. Col. Lee has 30 wins, 7 draws, and 63 losses. He is in.

4. Col. Grant has 20 wins, 20 draws, 10 losses. He is in.

5. Col. Lincoln has 100 wins, but has never taken an active role in club leadership. He is out.

It is left to the individual whether the referred to their award as [State] Society of Cincinnati or simply Society of Cincinnati. I would request that only those states admitted to the Union by 1815 be used. Recipients would have the option of choosing the state society to be affiliated with.

Furthermore, as to the choice of field, those fields already in use by another individual, regardless of army may not be selected.

Here is a link that describes the actual Society of Cincinnati:

The Good General Amos will be resonsible for determining who is eligible <font size="5">&</font id="size5">c as well as generating a webpage. A suitable medal Image has been struck for use in your signature. ( will be left on the server so feel free to link to it for use in your signature.

In addition, after reviewing the records, Al determined that due to a winning record through my first 40 games, I am also eligible for membership. (Of course I am on a long losing streak so I look to need the long program to be a hero. There are several other current members who look to make it in over the coming months. Names and numbers are posted in Fraunces'. There are some younger players who with continued skill my make the cut at 40 games.

An interesting note was that we have one other member who is our own Benedict Arnold and will not be listed on the rolls though he qualified at 40 games with a solid winning record, Sam Orlando, once hero, now villan. <font size="1"><i>Boo! Hiss!</i></font id="size1">

The Society Web Page is up at:

Please address questions to either Al or myself.
</font id="Book Antiqua">

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