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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:34 am 

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Losses will carry over to other battles depending on the formula. John also says that the longer the delay between the next battle the better than chance that they will be recovered.

One thing I noted in my Campaign Austerlitz Op Eagle campaign with Mark Nelms was that Fatigue was carrying over. This over a period of more than one day. I found this a bit harsh on the players. I believe I sent him a note on it but will just leave it to his discretion if he wants to correct it.

Leader losses are permanent even if for a wound which from the way I look at it was a wound that would incapacitate an officer for the campaign (like losing an arm or heavy chest wound, etc).

But you cannot use the campaign engine to start up a .bte file. I have thought that if the players do not want to worry about the loss carry over issue there IS a way to use the campaign engine to continue using encrypted files. Here is how you do it:

(again, know that no losses will carry over nor will leader losses either)

1. Start up the campaign as normal.

2. Once you get to a battle play at least ONE turn.

3. Save the campaign file with a new name.

4. Open up the original campaign file (the one with the old name) and then convert the file to a .bte.

5. Play out the battle using encryption.

6. Once you finish note the victory level.

7. Now go back and rename the copy of the original campaign file to be the same as the old one. Delete the old one first of course.

8. Either player can enter in a TERM BID using the victory level you gained in the battle engine. Then send the file to your opponent who accepts the bid after he checks to be sure that it matches the correct victory level. If not he can counter with the correct one ...

9. You move on to the next battle.

#8 is the key step. Using the TERM BID correctly is important. For this reason both players should keep a copy of the campaign file before the game was converted to a .bte file. That way if an incorrect bid is entered it can be redone.

I had never thought of this approach until today. Hmm, might be a way around the non-encryption method but remember that no losses will carry over. And if Napoleon is captured or lost the campaign aught to end with a Major Allied victory anyway! :mrgreen:


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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:42 am 
Agreed. When playing the individual scenarios the victory levels will often determine an end of campaign conclusion. The loss of major leaders on either side bringing the game to a halt would be a house rule which if in effect would naturally bring the game to an end.
I use this system all the time, and just wanted to share it with the players who purposefully avoid campaign games because of lack of encryption. More games to play with more players now. And some darn good scenarios as well.
ps - regards 'scenario design' post (above or below this one) - I think I'm going to stop designing right now, or, maybe I'll start working on another...!?!? Ha! Twas very funny indeed.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:52 pm 
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I have certianly played many campaigns where the size of the inf battalions or cav squadrons are reduced in strength from battle to battle while some have recovered some of their losses 1805 Austerliz Camapign or 1809 German Campaign are good examples


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