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 Post subject: It Only Takes One
PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:45 am 

Joined: Tue May 22, 2001 10:30 pm
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Location: USA
Woe is me. :frenchoops: My epic 1809 Campaign with Sir Muddy has ended disatrously. After a string of major victories, I conceded that my first attempt to cross the Danube was a Major Defeat for the French, expecting that this would lead to a re-match, 2nd crossing. Alas, I've just learned that regardless of how many times they have been defeated, the Austrians need only one Major Victory to win the Campaign. :frenchshock:

That said, this latest encounter with Sir Muddy featured the usual, hotly contested battles and his stubborn defense in the penultimate battle (5th Korps' attempt to escape across the Danube at Linz) bled Massena's IVC white, leading to his victory in the last battle.

Congratulations Muddy!



Maréchal M. Francisco Palomo
Prince d'Essling et Duc d'Abrantes
1er Regiment des Grenadiers a Pied
La Vieille Garde, Garde Imperiale,

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 Post subject: Re: It Only Takes One
PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 12:42 pm 

Joined: Wed May 23, 2001 10:18 am
Posts: 5573
Congrats Muddy on a fine victory!

Yes, the outcomes for that branch are such that a Draw or Minor Defeat for the French would result in the battle of Brunn or some follow on battle. If the French lose a Major Defeat they lose the campaign.

The Battle of Aspern-Essling was seen as a minor setback to Napoleon's quest to cross the Danube with his full army. Had he lost a significant amount of his forces things might have been different. Figure that a Major Defeat in this situation means that a lot of the French army got trapped on the wrong side of the Danube and Napoleon has to call off the campaign.

My newer campaigns tell the players the outcomes per victory level. I can do the same for this campaign (and the individual Wagram campaign as well) by inserting the text in the Outcome Dialog area. Wont take long and should be in the next update. Thanks for pointing this out. I will ONLY do this for those outcomes that terminate the campaign. Obviously I cant go back and add in text that tells the player every outcome per victory level as I did in Marengo.

General der Kavallerie Wilhelm Prinz Peters von Dennewitz
Husaren-Regiment Hessen-Kassel
Infanterie-Brigade Hessen-Kassel
Königlich-Preußisches Armee-Korps
Scenario Designer for Napoleonic Battles series - John Tiller Software

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 Post subject: Re: It Only Takes One
PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:58 pm 
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Joined: Thu Jul 17, 2003 10:08 am
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Congrats to Sir Muddy! :frenchcool

No worries, Maréchal, I am sure, soon enough, you'll be back to taking the names and numbers of every noble & royal in Europe! :frenchhappy:

Generalfeldmarschall Scott Kronprinz "Vorwärts" Ludwig von Preußen
Kommandeur des Königlich-Preußischen Armee-Korps
Chief of Staff (CoS) of the Allied Coalition
Allied Coalition Webmaster & Club Website Support

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 Post subject: Re: It Only Takes One
PostPosted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 4:17 pm 

Joined: Tue May 22, 2001 7:35 pm
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Location: USA
This doesn't feel like a victory. Paco defeated my armies in nearly every engagement (there may have been a draw or two) and then placed a bid to end his crossing of the Danube when he realized that his troops were going to suffer too heavily in the crossing.

My hat is off to Marechal Paco for his professional handling of the French armies. A very tough opponent whom I rarely have the pleasure of defeating on the field of battle.

Given the abrupt ending of the campaign -- where we both were dispirited by the outcome -- we have agreed to play the 2-day Wagram battle as recompense and as a proper ending to a long campaign.

God Save the King!

FM Sir 'Muddy' Jones, KG
6th Regiment of Dragoons/British Division
2nd Life Guards, Household Cavalry


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