VMI Classrooms


New Member Orientation

You MUST complete this section BEFORE moving to other sections in the Academy

Class 101: Game Versions

Learn how to update/upgrade your game versions
Class 201BG: Starting a New PBEM Game in BG
How to Start a New PBEM Game in the TalonSoft/Matrix BattleGround Series
Class 201HPS: Starting a New PBEM Game in HPS
How to Start a New PBEM Game in the HPS Campaign Series
Class301:  Sending Gaming Files
Learn how to send your gaming files no matter which program you have
Class 401: Battle Reporting
Stay in touch with your High Command
Class 501: VMI Cadet Dictionary
Commonly use terms in the gaming Club
Class 601: ACWGC Rules
Understanding what is expected of all members
Class 701: ACWGC Automatic system & ACWGC Forum
Information about the DoR and the Club Forum
Class 701.1:  ACWGC Club Forums Signature Block
Information on setting up or editing your signature block at the ACWGC Forums
Class 801: How to Advance in Rank
Information on Promotion
Class 901:  What's Next
Information on earning some awards