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This Club mandates a single short indoctrination game of it's new members.  The purpose of this requirement is to insure that all members are on an even keel when it comes to knowing how to use the TalonSoft BattleGround and HPS Campaign games and their Play By E-Mail (PBEM) functions.  If we, here at VMI, can impart a few tactical skills along the way we are glad to do it.  But our primary goal is to get new members through this process as 'painlessly' for them as possible and to incorporate them into the main body of The Club as soon as practicable.

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AT VMI our Goals are to Instill


"Fair-Mindedness" in, and an Ethical Approach to, our Game Play.

Gentlemanly Conduct Toward our Opponents.

Promptness in the Return of Game Files.

That Winning or Losing is Secondary to Our Overall Enjoyment of the Games.


AT VMI our Motto is

"It's better to win a friend than it is to win a battle"

Lt. General John Dragan, AoA - CSA, June 2007


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