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2nd Zapadnaya Armiya (Second Army of the West) Dispatch


Russian Yeger 1806-07

Russian Army strength has grown to 46 active officers since the last Newsletter. The following recruits have completed training and received their command assignments:

4th Kavaleriyskiy Korpus (4th Cavalry Corps):

Podporuchik Philip Chimara has returned to active duty and has been assigned command of the Kievskiy Dragunskiy Polk, 4 Kavaleriyskaya Diviziya, 4 Kavaleriyskiy Korpus.

Opolchenie Korpus (still in training):
Praporshik Sergio Daniel Rojo: Opolchenie Korpus, 1 Moskovskiy Opolchenie Polk (trainer - Generalmajor Da Cruz)


Russian arms continued to enjoy success on the battlefield. Since the last dispatch, Russian officers have posted four major victories and four minor victories.



1. Polkovnik Rubén López
Minor victory in the second round of the Master or Europe tournament.

2. Podporuchik Gary Hobbs
Promoted to Poruchik.
Minor victory in game #Q738 (NIR #16 - Raevski's Redoubt, 10 turns).
Minor victory in game #Q739 (NIR #12 - The Final Assault, 12 turns).
Awarded the General Service Medal for his first victory against the enemy.
Poruchik Gary Hobbs sends a report from the front where he is battling Drew Stone in a special 100 days Belgium Scenario (using the Eckmuhl game Engine). Follow the link:

Cossack Artillery Flag

7th Pekhotnyi Korpus

1. Podporuchik Richard Durham
Promoted to Poruchik

2. Poruchik Pascal Hummel
Promoted to Kapitan

3. Kapitan Alexander Voduskii
Sends the following report from the front:
"I'd like to inform you about a daring feat of the combined Anglo Allied and Prussian Army under my humble command in the course of the twin battles on the fields of Quatre Bras and one particular blow inflicted to the French Eagle and notably to La Garde Impériale!
At 4 :45PM on June 16, 1815 in one all-out counter-attack by the Prussian Army (notably the I and III Reserve Army Cavalry Corps, the elements of 1 / 8 / 9 / 12 Infantry Brigades and the elite 9 Infantry Regiment from the 6 brigade), the enemy have lost dead, wounded or captured a total of 8,600 infantry, 650 horses, 36 guns, and 12 leaders, notably French Guard losses:
La Vieille Garde:
GdD Roguet (KIA), GdD Friant (CIA), 3 Eagles
1 et 2 Bn / 2ème Grenadiers : 150 men
1 et 2 Bn / 1er Grenadiers : 6?? men (killed or captured)
1 et 2 Bn /3ème Grenadiers : 8?? + men (both units surrendered)
1 Bn / 4ème Grenadiers : 5?? men (unit surrendered)
La Jeune Garde:
GdD Barrois (CIA), GdB Guye (CIA), 3 Eagles
2 Bn / 1er Voltigeurs : 600 men (unit surrendered)
1 et 2 Bn / 3ème Voltigeurs : 1000 men (both units surrendered)
100 men from other Young Guard units overrun in cavalry charges.
21 pieces of artillery from the Guard
100 horses from Guard cavalry in various actions through the field.
A total of 11 other formed infantry battalions and 2 cavalry regiments (most of them already in bad shape) have also been captured with 1GdD, 4GdB and 3 Colonels added to the Leader Casualties List.
Allied losses in the assault (Charge + Melee) totaled : 925 Inf, 700 Cav, 1 Colonel."

1803 Standard

8th Pekhotnyi Korpus

1. Podporuchik Marc Vuillet
Promoted to Poruchik
Major victory in game #Q340 (NIR - Approach to Shevardino, 18 turns).
Awarded the General Service Medal for his first victory against the enemy.

2. Podporuchik Martin Johnston
Major victory in game #Q636 (NIR - Raevskii Redoubt, 9 turns).

Order of St. Anne

3. Podporuchik Zach Bogue
Promoted to Poruchik
Major victory in game #Q402 (NIR #7- Kutusov turns to Fight, 25 turns).
Awarded the Order of St. Anne of 4th Class for his first major victory in a large scenario commanding Russian troops (NIR or Eylau). This first victory was achieved against an enemy officer with the rank of Pulkuvnik and member of the French Jeune Garde; a most remarkable feat.

4. Major Daniel Strelnikov
Minor victory in game #Q586 (NIR #7- Kutusov turns to Fight, 6 turns). He reports:
French losses: 12,825 Inf., 575 Cav., 9 Art., 3 Brig. Gen.
Russian losses: 6,975 Inf., 75 Cav., 17 Art., 4 Gen.-Mjr.
After one and a half hours of attacking, the French side took heavy losses for a small advance and the French Commander decided to end the battle.

5. Podporuchik Emil Aerne
Promoted to Poruchik


4th Kavaleriyskiy Korpus

Tsar Alexander

1. Podporuchik Josu Pérez
Major victory in game #Q646 (PTW - No Quarter in St. Amand, 10 turns).
Awarded the General Service Medal for his first victory against the enemy.

Russian Crest


Polkovnik Rubén López (PlM)
Chief of Staff
2 Zapadnaya Armiya CoA

Council of War

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