Austrian eagle Austrian Eagle

Berichte den Kaiserlich-Königliche Österreichische Armee

Andreas Hofer March

Prague Coat-of-Arms

Austrian Infantry charging

The Summer Campaign Season is upon us, and the Austrian Army has been in the forefront of the Allied efforts against the Corsican Upstart. With the fine mettle of soldiers that we currently have, there can be no doubt that the Ogre’s forces will soon collapse in disarray.

The Kaiser has seen fit to promote the following officers:

medal medal


The Aspern-Essling Medal:

Austrian Cap badge Grand Cross Star Order of Maria Teresa

The Zum Belohnung (Good Conduct Medal) goes to the following:

Austrian Uniforms 1812

New Recruits

In the spirit of the long association between Vienna and London, where our combined forces have humiliated the French in places with names like Blenheim and Oudenarde, we would like to welcome the transfer of Phillip Roubaud, who takes the rank of Oberst in our ranks, and has been assigned to the 6 Rosenberg Chevauxlegers, as well as being inducted to the Frisch Grenadier Battalion.

Hoch der Kaiser!

Austrian Standard 1815

Oberst Gary McClellan
Imperial Austrian Army

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