Bekanntmachung den Königliche Preussichen Armee

Dispatches of the Prussian Army July 2003

Prussian Cavalry Charging French Infantry

Ein Feste Burg
Iron Cross Iron Cross

(Prussian Army News)

The Prussian Army has been busy this spring. Our Army tournament continues with some fierce battles yet raging. We have formed a volunteer Grenadier Brigade to conduct MP games in the Club league. We continue to get some new recruits joining the army while veterans take a break to heal their wounds.

The Queen Louise Volunteer Grenadiers were formed to participate in the NWC MP League. The following officers have given great honour to the Prussian Army for their bravery and commitment: Dennis Glavin, Ian Hames, Steve Kral, John O'Day, Stefan Reuter, Robert Scholtz, Steve Takacs, Simone Tombesi. Thank you gentlemen and good luck!

The Prussian Army Tournament continues to rage. Feldmarschal Reuter is patiently waiting for the other participants to pummel themselves into oblivion on the virtual battlefield.

Guidon Guidon



Adler Adler

Verleihung von Auszeichnungen
(Presentation of Orders and Medals)

Pour le Mérite with Oak Leaves

It gives me great pleasure, after reviewing many battle records, to present some awards to our fine officers who have led their units to consistent victory on the battlefield.

First, I'd like to present Bram Steijn with the coveted Orden Pour le Merite. This award is a rare mark of consistent martial excellence and is currently only being worn by three members of the whole NWC. Herr Steijn has achieved this prize by scoring a glorious 10 victories (he actually has 11) and more amazingly, he has achieved 19 Victory Points out of a possible 20 which garners him the additional award of the oak leaves. Congratulations Herr Steijn!!

Iron Cross I Class

Next is an overdue award for GM Iain Thompson for his leadership of victorious Prussian units in various PtW or BGW scenarios. Herr Thompson has fullfilled the requirement of a Third Victory in a Prussian Scenario (Including One Major) and Possession 6 VP's (he has 12!) and therefore qualifies for the coveted Prussian award of the Eiserne Kreuz I Klasse or Iron Cross 1st Class. The important requirement was the leadership of Prussian units and Herr Thompson has led them to victories at Ligny several times. Congratulations Herr Thompson.

Feldzug 1815

Herr Karl Bocke will be receiving the Eiserne Kreuz II Klasse for achieving victory at Ligny leading the Prussian Korps there. Karl also has multiple VP's which ultimately qualifies him for the EKII. Congratulations Herr Bocke.

Finally, for now, there is the presentation of the 1815 campaign award which signifies the bearer participated in Prussian battles at Fleurus, Charleroi, Ligny or Waterloo from June 15th to the 18th. The awards go to Karl Bocke and Stefan Reuter. The Feldmarschal has been on these fields many times, but is only now receiving recognition for it.

Schwarze Adler Schwarze Adler

Gemusterte Rekruten
(New Recruits)

Karl von Werra has elected to join our army. He will be assigned as Sek.Lt.

Prussian Crest Prussian Crest

Für Korps und Vaterland!

Feldmarschal Ritter von Reuter
Generalmajor Rob Hamper CoS

"Many assume that half-efforts can be effective. A small jump is easier than a large one, but no-one wishing to cross a wide ditch would cross half of it first." Clausewitz

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