Russian Crest Rusian Crest 

2 Zapadnaya Armiya
(Second Army of the West)

River Kamyshenka  

Battle of Valutina Gora

Russian Imperial Coat-of-Arms Semenovskaye Guards badge



The 2 Zapadnaya Armiya is 36 members strong as of the 29th of June, after undergoing its first Roll Call of the year.

The following recruits have completed their training and received their command assignments:


Opolchenie Korpus (still in training):


Roll Call:

After the Roll Call, the following officers have been moved to the Reserve:

 Order of St Stanislas Order of St Stanislas



Russian arms continued to enjoy success on the battlefield. Since the last dispatch, Russian officers have posted 9 major victories and 4 minor victories.

 Order of St Anne

7 Pekhotnyi Korpus

Russian Grenadier
  1. General-mayor Nano Capfer
    Promoted to General-leytenant.
  2. Mayor Daniel Ericsson
    Promoted to Podpolkovnik.
    Awarded the Order of St. Anne (4th class) for his first major victory commanding Russian troops in a large battle (Borodino).
  3. Podporuchik Phillipe Mouledous
    Promoted to Poruchik.

Bagration Guard cavalry Trumpeter

8 Pekhotnyi Korpus

  1. General-mayor Karl Schneider
    Promoted to General-leytenant.
  2. Mayor Konstantin Koryakov
    Promoted to Podpolkovnik.
  3. Poruchik Vladimir Repnin
    Promoted to Podpolkovnik.
    Awarded the General Service Medal for his first victory in a long battle.

Cossack dagger

Rezerv Korpus

  1. Mayor Pavel Stafa
    Promoted to Podpolkovnik.
Silver Cigar Box 1815


General-leytenant Chimara has entered service of the Army HQ as Aide-de-Camp. He will help the Quartermaster with the maintenance and development of the Army pages. GL Chimara will keep his position as CO of the 4 Kavaleriyskaya Div.

General-mayor Rubén López (PlM)CoA20 pts.
General-leytenant Juan Pablo Da CruzQuartermaster and Opolchenie Korpus CO.20 pts.
General-leytenant Phillip ChimaraAdC and 4 Kavaleriyskaya Diviziya CO.15 pts.
General-mayor Nano Capfer7 Pekhotnyi Korpus CO.10 pts.
General-mayor Karl Schneider8 Pekhotnyi Korpus CO.10 pts.
Mayor Pavel StafaRezerv Korpus CO10 pts
General-mayor Andy Moss26 Pekhotnaya Diviziya CO.5 pts.
Kapitan Konstantin Koryakov2 Grenaderskaya Diviziya CO.5 pts.
Polkovnik Gil OcampoDonskiy Kozaki CO.5 pts.

In addition to these, Podpolkovnik Daniel Ericsson is awarded 30 pts. for his work as as keeper of the club Matchmaker.

 Imperial Orb



General-mayor Rubén López (PlM)
Chief of Staff
2 Zapadnaya Armiya CoA
Ego Imperatorskogo Velichestva Rossiyskaya Armiya


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