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      Guard     Awards
Prince Nikolay Repnin-Volkonsky         Order of Alexander Nevsky Order of St. George II Order of St. Anne IOrder of St. Vladimir IOrder of Franz Joseph SON - 2011
Patriotic war medal. 1812The Preussisch-Eylau. 1807 Cross General Service Medal Army Gold Medal Bronze Cannon Cross Silver medal to Zemsk militiaSON-2011 Army Gold MedalAllgemeine Verdienstmedaille (General Service Medal) (Prussian Army)Master of Europe (MOE) VI Participation Medallion
Dmitry Dokhturov         Order of St. George I Order of St. Vladimir I Order of St. Anne I Order of Alexander Nevsky Honorary Golden Weapon with Diamonds I class
Medal for the Capture of Paris. 1814Patriotic war medal. 1812Medal for Crossing the Swedish Coast. 1809 Kulm Cross. 1813Silver medal to Zemsk militia  Special Tournament Medal  SON-2011 Army Gold MedalAllgemeine Verdienstmedaille (General Service Medal) (Prussian Army)Marengo Challenge Tournament (2016) Participation MedalMarengo Challenge Tournament (2016) Coalition Victory MedalMaster of Europe (MOE) VI Participation Medallion




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